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4 Corners in Wrestling with "The Idol" Ian Logan

The Short Interviews

4 Corners in Wrestling with "The Idol" Ian Logan

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 27.04.2013, 07:13

-How much of your match you do like to plan in advance?
Ideally I like to plan where the match is finishing and some of the sights we may see on the trip to get there. I don’t like to have a rigid A,B,C worked out because you may soon discover that this isn’t working and you don’t want to be stuck with it.
I find that the action flows better when you are in the moment and concentrating on what you are doing right now then if you are trying to think what spot comes next. Just let it arrive in a natural way rather then trying to force it.


-What attributes make a young wrestler easy to work with?
I have recently started working with a bunch of new guys coming out of the Revolution Pro Wrestling school in Portsmouth (www.portsmouthwrestling.com) and they are a great group of guys and gals. The main points that I would say make them easy to work with are their confidence in themselves and their characters, so they know what they can do and how they want to do it to keep their whole package believable. Being new guys, their ego level is at the point where they want to have good matches and have the match get over, rather then being worried about themselves. At the end of the day if the match gets over, the people in the match get over rather then ones person’s ego affecting a match in a negative way. Being an actual fan of wrestling is pretty much a must. I have come across quite a few people recently that don’t watch wrestling but want to wrestle. It’s much harder working with these people as they just don’t understand the dynamic of how the match should flow, it’s like trying to put together a Lego model with out seeing the picture on the box.
But above all else, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are always great qualities to have and can paper over many cracks in knowledge or experience.

-Over the last 25 years Professional Wrestling has changed dramatically in terms of how it's presented, in your opinion do you think it's better today, or has the change hurt the product overall?
I think the three main things that have changed wrestling in the last 25 years are the internet, the attitudes of society and changes in the format of television.
The internet has opened up the curtain in pro wrestling so much now that pretty much most fans know (or think they know) nearly everything that is going on these days. From upcoming storylines to personal details about the guys outside the ring. In one way it makes them feel closer but in another way it’s as if you’re watching a magic trick whilst having a guide to how the illusion is being done.
The way society reacts to different events now is completely different. When a news story breaks, it’s across the world in minutes and minutes after that everyone and their dog are posting their views online about it – picking things apart and saying how much better they could have done it. Taking WWE as the example, as it’s the biggest company in the world, if we compare 2013’s face of WWE John Cena to 1988’s face of WWF Hulk Hogan – they are essentially the same person. Yet Cena’s “Hustle, loyalty, respect” and “5 moves of doom” are met with a loud majority of detractors where as Hogan’s “train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins” and big boot leg drop combo made him a hero the world over. Jake Roberts’ snake biting Randy Savage’s arm would no doubt these days garner Jake the same reaction as CM Punk dumping ashes onto the Undertaker whilst a vocal majority of the crowd chant his name over the fallen good guy.
Then the pure amount of wrestling currently available to fans through the much more numerous TV channels available allows them to be pickier about what they watch and how they watch it. Instead of there being massive Nitro parties on a Monday night where all their friends would come over and they’d all watch together live, you can record it on your Sky Plus or whatever, skip past the guys you don’t like and not get the full experience of the show before you then go and tell everyone how much it sucked. Most shows suck when watching it in fast forward.
But I think the major thing that has adversely affects wrestlers is the lack of storylines for anyone outside of the main event players. Without these storylines, it is very hard to convey wrestlers characters and so keep people interested in them. Would the Rock be where he is today if he came in with the Nation but then they were just four guys who came out together and had various types of matches much like 3MB do? I doubt it. The Headbangers had more storylines and sound bytes to get over in a month then Primo and Epico have had in their whole stay in WWE. Commentary plays a big part in getting these talents over as well, but I don’t think anyone other then JBL, Matt Striker (who is a big miss from the main shows) and William Regal really makes much of an effort in that way. Instead of chatting about other segments or pointing out how bad what is happening is the commentary needs to focus on getting these guys over just as much as the wrestler themselves.

-Who was the number one pro wrestler (male or female) who inspired you to get into the business, if you had one that is?
In terms of drawing me into wrestling, it’s Bret Hart. When I first got Sky TV was around the time that he was just starting his big push as a singles wrestler to the Intercontinental title. The first pay per view that I saw was SummerSlam 91, Bret Vs Mr. Perfect. It was amazing and I remember just being so excited that Bret won the belt.
As far as actually starting training to become a wrestler, myself and referee Tommy Stevens where at college together looking through a British wrestling magazine. They had a review of a show that had taken place not to far from where we lived and the pictures of the guys that were on this show had us saying “this guy is much shorter then me, that guy is much thinner then me” then the next page was an advert for a wrestling school in Portsmouth – the famous FWA Academy. They had a class on Wednesday evenings and our college just happened to finish at mid day on Wednesdays, so we packed up a car, grabbed my girlfriend with a promise of a trip to the seaside – which we did, it just happened that we were stopping in to the training centre on the way back. When we got there, it was coming up to one of the FWA show days, where a trainee tag team match would take place. So we sat and watched as 6 of these guys put on this amazing match for us. Then the head trainer, Mark Sloan, said we could get in the ring. From that moment I was hooked. I had no idea what I was doing but I loved it.

Cheers Bernd
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