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4 Corners in Wrestling with Danny The Pain Deans

The Short Interviews

4 Corners in Wrestling with Danny The Pain Deans

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 27.04.2013, 07:57

-How much of your match you do
like to plan in advance?
I like to plan a start, middle and end of the match and then fill in the blanks when i get out there to make room for crowd reaction etc...

-What attributes make a young
wrestler easy to work with?
Well for one there younger and more physically able to work in the ring

-Over the last 25 years Professional
Wrestling has changed dramatically
in terms of how it's presented, in
your opinion do you think it's
better today, or has the change hurt
the product overall?
i think the change has helped to get wrestling into the mainstream and the vast majority of people respect it but there is a minority of people out there who don't and there entitled to there opinion

-Who was the number one pro
wrestler(male or female) who
inspired you to get into the
business, if you had one that is?
Well as a kid i was a huge Hogan fan but in my teens it was when i wanted to become a pro wrestler and who inspired me then was Stone Cold Steve Austin but i also liked Bam Bam Bigelow too he was a great big man and i emulate his style in the ring.

That's no problem and thank you for having me
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by Advertising » 27.04.2013, 07:57


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