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4 Corners in Wrestling with SoCal Val (Legends Tour 2012)

The Short Interviews

4 Corners in Wrestling with SoCal Val (Legends Tour 2012)

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 26.11.2011, 07:31

Thank you Val be my guest for this little Interview today.

It's my pleasure. Thank you for having me. I'm so happy to give my thoughts on this upcoming tour.

First,how do you feel today?

I feel great! Thank you for asking. I have a busy schedule but I am very lucky to be doing what I love the most! Wrestling and modeling is a fun business. ;)

Val, the Wrestling Legends Tour 2012 comes closer.This is the first time you will be a part of it.Do you nervous to come to germany and this tour with all the other Legends?

I could not be more excited. I love to travel and Germany has been a place I've hoped to visit for a long time. I am very fascinated to learn more about your country. Whether it is history, art or architecture I will appreciate everything I see and do while there.

This will be your first LegendsTour but the Last Legends Tour under the Flag of Christian Städter,the promoter of the shows.Many Fans will miss shows like this here in germany but what will the fans see when you comes to germany?

I hope to bring a bit of fun to the show. I think myself, along with Traci Brooks, will bring a kind of excitement that differs from any other part of the show. We like to incorporate a bit of sexiness in everything we do!

At the Event we will see many other former TNA Worker like BG James or Kip James and also Traci Brooks. I know you wrestle her many times i Canada,Will you wrestle against Traci here in Germany?

Perhaps! ;) If I do, it'll be a GREAT time. Traci is quite a worthy opponent. In fact, she is my favorite opponent. Don't underestimate her. She may be a gorgeous gal but she is TOUGH! I am a very feminine girl and have a very different style But I like to think I can definitely hold my own with her in the ring. I have my secret weapons!

At the last you have the chance to say something to your fans here in germany.

I want to say a thank you in advance for allowing us to entertain you in your homeland. I am so honored to be chosen for this trip. I am thrilled to come see your beautiful country, meet each and every one of you and put on a show you won't forget!

Thank you very much and we see us here in germany Val.
Danke! :) xoxo
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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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Admin + WJ ARMY General
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by Advertising » 26.11.2011, 07:31


Re: 4 Corners in Wrestling with SoCal Val (Legends Tour 2012

Postby mike » 26.11.2011, 08:32

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Re: 4 Corners in Wrestling with SoCal Val (Legends Tour 2012

Postby NewWorldOrder » 26.11.2011, 09:54

you will love germany

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WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
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Re: 4 Corners in Wrestling with SoCal Val (Legends Tour 2012

Postby Matt Hardy Brand » 26.11.2011, 17:57

Awesome :big_applaus

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Matt Hardy Brand
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Re: 4 Corners in Wrestling with SoCal Val (Legends Tour 2012

Postby EasyE81 » 26.11.2011, 20:07

Just great. Nothing more to say about it ... :big_applaus
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WJ ARMY 1st Lt.
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Re: 4 Corners in Wrestling with SoCal Val (Legends Tour 2012

Postby Avril » 27.11.2011, 13:23

EasyE81 wrote:Just great. Nothing more to say about it ... :big_applaus

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WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
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