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Sharp Shots with Hardcore Heather Owens

The Short Interviews

Sharp Shots with Hardcore Heather Owens

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 19.01.2013, 09:24

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How did you get started in pro wrestling?
As soon as I graduated high school, I went to Les Thatcher's Main Event Pro Wrestling Camp (Heartland Wrestling Association) in Cincinnati, OH. I was there for just a few months and left due to personal issues. I came back in 2005 and while training to be a wrestler, I referred. I had my first match December 30, 2005. It was a 70 person battle royal which I ended up winning. My first singles was vs Helena Heavenly on Jan. 20, 2006.

Which Indypendent Company would you love to work for?
I would love to work for WSU and Shine. They have amazing talent!

What has been the hardest sacrifice being part of the wrestling world?
I have been blessed that I really haven't had to sacrifice much for wrestling. I married a wrestler. I have a good paying shoot job that allows me to wrestle on the weekends and nights. I wish I had more of a chance to get off work for wrestling but bills have to get paid.

How much female wrestling do you watch?Do you watch SHIMMER,Shine or some other companys?
I hate watching female wrestling. I've always enjoyed matching wrestlers like Christ Benoit, Dean Malenko, Taz, and Ric Flair. If I ever watching female wrestling, it is something that involves Beth Phoenix, Moolah, Luna, or Jazz.

Tell us something about your time in wrestling most people don't know about you.
Some people might not know this, but I quit my shoot job in 2006 to go on the road with Tracy Smothers. I only ended up doing it for a few weeks but I learned a lot.

Your funniest moment in Indywrestling? It dosent matter if you was a part of this moment or "just" a visitor.
I have such a bad memory that I really can't think of a super funny moment in wrestling. I'm sure there are many funny moments I have been apart of but I just can't think of any right now. I shall let you know if I think of something.

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Re: Sharp Shots with Hardcore Heather Owens

Postby Joshi Puro Love » 19.01.2013, 09:52

Joshi Puro Love
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Re: Sharp Shots with Hardcore Heather Owens

Postby IndyWrestlingNews » 19.01.2013, 17:08

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Re: Sharp Shots with Hardcore Heather Owens

Postby rattlesnake » 29.01.2013, 16:17

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