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Behind the Ring 27# The Secret

We ask the Stars for you.

Behind the Ring 27# The Secret

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 24.02.2013, 10:14

Louis van Eden (Netherlands)
I was working for a bank as a mortgage advisor.

Chrissy Johnson (USA)
That I almost never feel comfortable in the ring or in front of a large crowd.... I'm to shy.

Kyle King (USA)
Let's see, my first match, I spin kicked my opponent so hard, I turned the heel of my foot BLACK and couldn't walk for 2 weeks.

Logan Storm (UK)
So you wanna know something about my time in wrestling that no fans know well here it is .
After a wrestling show in LochGelly Scotland , I stayed at a wrestling buddy of mine as was the case when on the road , We went out to party that night got drunk had a blast then went back to his house and partied more, When this guy comes up to me and says, " you one of these wrestlers then ", I replayed "yes I am" thinking he was gonna say that's cool or something like it , in stead he said " that stuffs all fake " , so I forearmed him through a tv " not fake now is it " ,I said lol so there you go THE HAZARD OF SAYING TO A WRESTLER ITS ALL FAKE , Are Real , DON'T TRY THIS!

Kaos (USA)
Most don't know that I gave the Young Bucks their name. I gave them the opportunity to debut the tag team at the Grand Olympic Auditorium here in Los Angeles against the Santino Bros. Nick Jackson was only 16 years old at the time. They now wrestle all over the world and have since made a great name for themselves.
Best regards

Erin Angel (UK)
During my time in wrestling in the UK, I have once participated in 'the booths' which is an old tradition on fairgrounds in the UK, where a wrestler is a announced and comes out to the ring, then member's of the audience can challenge the wrestler to a match.
Erin Angel

Rick The Voice Valentine (GERMANY)
Not many Fans know that I am suffering from anxiety disorder... plus some serious claustrophobia when being in cars, trains etc.
So.. as much as I love to perform... the road trips are always sheer horror for me.
But there´s no chance that I will ever miss a show because of that shit.. I have to pull through... because I am loving my job so much.

Josef von Schmidt (USA/ Germany)
Thing about me I have been wrestling for 12 years, but as Josef Von Schmidt I debuted in 2008 and relaunched that as my Rookie year in the PWI Top 500.

Pandora (USA)
Most people don't know I use to travel to GA from SC 4hrs on a Monday stay in a hotel thru thurs just so I can train with Stephen Platinum. I did this for about 6 months. crazy crazy......

Rachel Rose (Australia)
I once wrestled a match with $1.20 worth of coins in my boot because I forgot it was in there when I put them on! Haha.
Il try think of something better for you!

Shaka (USA)
Hey, good to hear from you!!! Let's see, something most people people don't know about me from wrestling... I was a crash dummy for the first 3 years, lol

Cueball Carmichael (USA)
I was a stock broker & investment consultant & handled many famous wrestlers investment portfolios.

Preston Steele (USA)
Hello Bernd and all you Wrestling Junkies! Most people don't know that I produce and sponsor three benefit wrestling shows a year. I seek out worthy charitable organizations and put on a wrestling show free of charge with all the profits going to the charity. Of course, I couldn't do it without the generosity of my wrestling students and close friends in the wrestling community who so graciously donate their time and talents to help raise much needed funds for the various charitable organizations. So, there you have it...wishing you and all the Wrestling Junkies out there a very safe, healthy, and happy new year! Best wishes...Preston Steele

Sir Reginald Royce (USA)
Thank you brother, I guess you saw I finally retired from wrestling 30 years was long enough, I had a fun career at it. But I still pop on here every now and then just to have some fun, and I am going to be making an appearace for One of Josef's shows in the future, I promised him that, and I will keep it.

Vinnie The Guido (USA)
LMAO......I "Vinny The Guido" dressed up in drag once......lol.
Here is a photo of me on the right of the picture......enjoy.

Diablo (Swiss)
Diablo is baaaack,
4 all my helldwarfs!i am what I am!i came from the hell 4 One reason,2 Take the souls of the Wrestler with me to be stronger than all!i wrestle in Switzerland at the SCW and some other Fed's in switzerland and Germany!i hope 2 See u soon to Show each and everyone how powerful Diablo is!
Get ready 4 Diablo

Mia Svensson (Sweden)
I sometimes work an alternate gimmick, under a mask. But I'll never tell who as - because then it would ruin the secret. True story.

Jack Ferrigno (Belgium)
I like to listen to classical music to relax a bit before the match.

Euan G Mackie (Scotland)
Tell us something about your time in wrestling most people don't know about you.
The Very Good Mr Euan G Mackie was the first and only man to challenge for the W3L Women's Championship.

Jet Logan (UK)
To answer the question, I possess one of the SWEETEST dropkicks, in the business, but usually save it for special occasions, like London INC'S debut in Germany.

Kowgirl Kissey (USA)
When I first got in the business, a few females/males wrestlers really smelled badly and I had to wrestle them. So, since then, I always cake perfume on each time I enter the ring. I am living proof that you can smell sweet and kick their butts at the same time. You Dang Skippy! Kowgirl Kissey

Amazon The Female Predator / Ayesha Ray (UK)
I´m the first black British female to officially hold not one but two British titles (singular and tag) and wrestle in Australia

B.A. Xdream (Austria)
Hello bernd, hello wrestlingfans
danke für dieses Gespräch, ich bin seit 13 Jahren in diesem Geschäft, allerdings lief es diese 13 Jahre auf Grund meiner Loyalität nicht so besonders.
In dieser Zeit hatte ich einen grossen Schritt in meinem privatem Leben gewagt, der aber auch Einfluss auf meine Arbeit hatte.
Ich hatte 2007 eine Mann zu Frau Operation.
Das bedeutet, ich habe in meinem Leben zwei Karrieren gestartet.
Es ist allerdings nicht sehr leicht mich mit diesem Vorraussetzungen zu etaplieren.
Aber, ich hatte Ende 2012 auch Dank einiger Personen, einen guten Start in die neue Ära B.A.Xdream gehabt.
So hat das Jahr 2013 mit dem Wechsel meines Trainingsdojos und meiner Trainer, aber auch einen tollen Teams gut angefangen.
An dieser Stelle ein grosses Dankeschön an Alle, welche dies möglich gemacht haben, und natürlich an meine Fans. ich hoffe auf Eure weitere Unterstützung.

In diesem Sinne, glaubt an Eure Träume und lebt sie
Wrestlingjunkies.de - Wrestling is our Drug!!!!

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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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Admin + WJ ARMY General
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by Advertising » 24.02.2013, 10:14


Re: Behind the Ring 27# The Secret

Postby Hamburger » 24.02.2013, 10:23

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Beste Ausgabe und ich hoffe nicht die letzte :-(
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Re: Behind the Ring 27# The Secret

Postby NewWorldOrder » 24.02.2013, 10:29

Rick The Voice Valentine (GERMANY)
Not many Fans know that I am suffering from anxiety disorder... plus some serious claustrophobia when being in cars, trains etc.
So.. as much as I love to perform... the road trips are always sheer horror for me.
But there´s no chance that I will ever miss a show because of that shit.. I have to pull through... because I am loving my job so much.


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Re: Behind the Ring 27# The Secret

Postby Steamboat » 24.02.2013, 16:33

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WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
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