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"BloodThirstyVixen" Amanda Interview

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

"BloodThirstyVixen" Amanda Interview

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 02.07.2011, 08:00

Hello Wrestlingjunkies,
today my guest comes from Long Beach USA
Please welcome Amanda

Hello Amanda,thank you for this interview.

Can you please tell the fans who you are?
My name is Mariah Moreno and i wrestle as the "BloodThirstyVixen" Amanda


Amanda ,how do you come to the decision to be a female wrestler?

I watched it as a fan and felt it was my calling.. I was hooked and cant get enough of wrestling..

Trained at the SantinoBro's Wresting Academy since '08. Do you remember your first
training? How was it for you?
Yes i remember, It was insane.. I didnt realize how out of shape I was, I was hurting for about a week..lol

You had Pro Wrestling Debut in 2009.What does you feel the minutes before you steped
the first time in front of a live crowd?
i was nervous and a bit scared, ive been training and waiting for that very day to finally come and there i was back stage listening to my music hit.. i was like wow!! this is it!! lets do this bitch!!


Who was your opponet in this Match?
my opponent was the new york knockout nikki


I saw on a german Database that you was at the biggest Battle Royal i ever heard
about.World War III 159 Man Battle Royal. An History Moment in your young career?
yes i was part of that battle royal, it was at the alternative wrestlinmg show"aws" and man it was quite the experiance.. possibly one of the funnest.. :o)

When you get inside the Ring what is your Favorite Rule,Heel or Face?And why?
i love playing both, i guess they both have there ups and downs.. as a face i love the croud being behind me and supporting me all the way.. as a heel i love controlling the fans and pissing them off..lmao thats what i call magic

Is WWE or TNA in the USA an Aim for you? And which Promotion is your Favorite?
i dont have a fav but i would love to work for either company.. my goals are shimmer and pro wrestling eve.. and any womens promotion out there has my attention..

Mostly you wrestle in California for various Pro Wrestling and Lucha Libre
Promotion's. When you look at the first years in Wrestling what will you say was your
personal Highlight aside from the Battle Royal.
i would say xpw x"10th year annivesary show" it was something else.. i did some crazy spots that night that included diving off a balcony onto other workers and getting put through tables with barbwire and light tubes..

When you look in the future is there anything you want to do in wrestling or a match
you are dreaming for?
ide love to wrestle againts cheerleader melissa and sara del rey in a japanese strong style cage match..

Where do you wrestle now or next?
i currently wrestle all ove the u.s. comapanys like legion championship wrestling,east coast lucha libre,adrenaline unleashed,my list can go on..


And what do Mariah Moreno,the Lady behind Amanda when you not stands in the ring?
im a caregiver on my own time for the elderly..

Before we make this Interview you told me something about your personal sexuality
being that im the only transsgender women in the business and you want to let the
people know the truth. What would you say about it?
im the first transgender champion in the business.. iv held the w.i.l.d. championship title and the ntll/ntw womens championship.. i want the world to know that there are transgender women everywhere with goals and dreams..


Do you think after this interview the people will see you with other eyes?
i hope so.. i do interviews so people can get to know the real me and not what they asume to know..

At the last something to say to your fans ?
i love yall and i promise not to let yall down..

Thank you being my guest and thank you for your open words about your personality and
i hope we see you sometimes in a german ring.

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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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Admin + WJ ARMY General
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by Advertising » 02.07.2011, 08:00


Re: "BloodThirstyVixen" Amanda Interview

Postby MastermindMaik » 02.07.2011, 08:37

[i_like_it][/i_like_it] :big_applaus
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WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
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Re: "BloodThirstyVixen" Amanda Interview

Postby Whosnext » 02.07.2011, 12:25

Awesome outing. respect.
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Re: "BloodThirstyVixen" Amanda Interview

Postby TripleDiva » 02.07.2011, 17:36

great stuff for an interview, want to see her in tna against daffney,could be a good matchseries :big_applaus
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Re: "BloodThirstyVixen" Amanda Interview

Postby EasyE81 » 02.07.2011, 20:40

Great interview.
I really would like to see a picture of her diving off the balcony. Cool :D
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WJ ARMY 1st Lt.
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Re: "BloodThirstyVixen" Amanda Interview

Postby Canadian Wolfe » 03.07.2011, 07:31

Great Pic´s and very good Interview.

Best wishes from Canada.
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Canadian Wolfe
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Re: "BloodThirstyVixen" Amanda Interview

Postby Tatankafan » 03.07.2011, 12:02


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