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Bruce Sheila Interview from Down Under UK

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Bruce Sheila Interview from Down Under UK

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 09.07.2011, 05:25

Hello Wrestlingjunkies,
today my guest is a young talent from the UK / Australia
Please Welcome Bruce Sheila.

Bruce,thank you be my guest here today for this interview.

G'day Cobber. Bernd, thank you for this great oppertunity to talk to you, my fans and the wrestling junkies.


Hope you had a safe trip home from germany and enjoy the country?

It was a great experience, one i will remember for a very long time. It was both very tiring but very worthwhile travelling to an around Bremen.

When i know it right was this your first trip to germany? What do you think know after your both matches about Wrestlingin Germany and the german Fans?

Indeed, it was my first trip and I hope it will not be my last. Its always really benefitial to wrestle in front of a new crowds. On the first night I wrestled Michael Strogoff. I was unfamiliar of him before I landed in Germany but i was quite impressed with him whilst we were in the ring. On the second night I wrestled Rob Cage. I am familiar with Rob and I have wrestled him quite a few times in a promotion called UKW in England. Im always impressed with Rob, we dont see eye to eye right now but I respect what he does and can do in that ring. He has his heart in wrestling and always gives 110%. Its a little bit of something i see in myself what i see in him.

You was called from Australia but you life in the UK,Why the Australian Gimmick,Is there a story behind?

My gimmick came around because I wanted something unique. After a masked gimmick what I had created, failed to spark anything, I eventually found the Australian gimmick staring into my face. You see, I hold a dual passport so I am a British/Australian Citizen. I was Born in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia and Moved to England at the tender age of 4. I returned back to Australia when I was 19 For year and lived their with my sister. My trainer Jonny Brannigan wasnt aware of the Australian in me at first and as soon as he found out, we were working on an idea for a gimmick. And so the masked character was binned and Bruce Sheila was born.


Your way inside the ring. How do you come to the decision to be a Pro wrestler?

I remember first watching The Royal Rumble of 1993. Watching huge guys dressed as clowns, kings and red indians flying over the top ropes got me instantly hooked. A few months later I watched my first Wrestlemania...Wrestlemania Nine. I recall off the top of my head, a young looking hulk hogan sporting a black eye teaming up with a Brutus Beefcake donning a mask teaming up against IRS and Ted Dibiase SR. Just something about that match makes it stay in my mind. I also remeber the Undertaker VS the Giant Gonzales. And That same Young looking Hulk Hogan Pinning Yokozuna for the WWF championship right at the end of the show. WOW... the memories.

And what did your friends and family said about your decision?

Generally my friends and family have accepted what I do and some even come and cheer me on regularly, however theres always a couple of people who try and knock what I do. e.g my brother in law, He used to play professional Rugby League in England and Australia so he always criticises wrestling. What he doesnt realise that wrestling is not only a difficult sport to learn, its also a highly skilled art form To do the things we do and perfect them. However what he does say that if it makes me happy then he is happy for me.

When i know it right you wrestle for UKWE and hold a title inside the promotion,right?

Wrong mayte , umm I did hold the title until recently. Rob Cage and I were battling for the UKW title back and forth recently since January. Its kind of a long story to tell but I shall breifly share it with you. In December 2010 I won the dream ticket match in UKW where i get to cash in a match of my choice at any time i like. Most of you may know the dream ticket as a sort of money in the bank breifcase. Rob Had a hard match against Valkabious and I thought Rob was done. I cashed it in.

I pinned him for his belt, just like any sane person would do. Me and Rob had argued about this for months and last month we had a match for the title again.
I pinned him 1.2.3. The reason being that Rob had lost his head recently about this whole title scenario. Post Match i could see Rob was a tad dissapointed in himself and for the reasons above where i said that I respect him and what he does. I gave him the oppertunity to redeem himself. To be honest i felt bad for cashing the dream ticket in when i did. So I told Rob to get in the ring and he point blank refused....I told Referee Mike 'Milky' Bell that Rob was wrestling whether he like it or not and to ring the bell as soon as me and Rob were both in the ring. I approached the ring apron with Rob stood outside and suddenly *CRACK* Rob strook me with a chair and pinned me 1.2.3. Some would call it 'just deserts' and say i deserved it for maybe getting cocky. However I would say that Rob was just taking that same oppertunity I took when I cashed that dream ticket in. And as for Rob, Our saga in UKW isnt quite over just yet

Trainer, who trained you in wrestling? And what will you say about the training?

I met a bloke while i was rugby training one day called Ross or aka Big Bad Albert (BBA) Turns out he was a wrestler and we had spoke and I told him that I had always been interested in at least trying wrestling. He took my number and about a year later he contacted me and told me about a school in preston what his mate went to.

So I initially started training in 21CW in preston in Late 2007 which was run by Kevin Omega, however something happened after about 9 weeks which forced the company to stop running training and shows.

I considered quitting wrestling because I just couldnt get the hang of it at first and quit i did. I quit for 5-6 months then BBA called me and told me about the Grand Pro Wrestling Training school in Manchester. I was interested, I dont know it it was more to do with how close it was from my home compared toPreston but I got a bit excited and had a positive vibe before I had walked through the door. BBA had injured himself a week before the training session so I turned up on the first day on my Own. There was a ring full of GPW trainees squatting loudly counting how many squats they were doing. I reluctantly approached a bloke who seemed to be barking out orders to the other trainees.

His name was Jonny Brannigan. I introduced myself to him and he said to me "are you the guy from 21cw?" I replied yes. He said Get in that "fucking ring". I did"Bump" He ordered. and I bumped.. hundereds of times that day. I was tired and sore .. It was quite possibly the hardest session I have ever had.

Weeks went by and this harsh bloke barking orders began talking to me more, Opening up to me. Telling me my weaknesses and potential strengths with brutal honesty, AND honesty is exactly what you want when your training, "That was utter dog shit get out of the ring" I recall him saying.. But as im telling you now, I tell everone when i speak about the GPW training It is by far the best way to learn, ( Wrestling aint no picnic and theres no point sugar coating it for anyone )

In fact I will go as far as to say that Grand Pro Wrestling : Champions Training is the best in the UK. No doubt!

When was your debut in Wrestling and who was your opponent?

I one day in Septmeber 2009 got a phone call off a fellow GPW trainee, it was Ricky Jay McKenzie.. he said "Hey Jonno, U busy tomorrow got u a match if u want it, erm bad news is tho that its against me, Im not going easy on you either"
I took the oppertunity with open arms and gladly wrestled Ricky on a Blackpool Holiday camp show in front of 400-500 fans. It wasnt easy, I was tired and sore afterwards but it was well worth it. I later went on in May 2010 to make my Grand Pro Wreslting singles Debut against Jack Dominotrescu.


Was you very nervous first time in front of a live crowd ?

The first time you wrestle in front of a live audience your always nervous, It really is heart in your mouth stuff. You can feel every pump from your heart forcing the blood around your body to the muscles which need it. The hot lights make you extremely hot and sweaty thus making you and your opponent slippery. Its a surreal experience and I experienced that again while I was wrestling in Germany. I will say it again to emphasise it... ITS SURREAL!

When you look back on your young career what was your personal Highlight?

One of my favourite moments was taking part in the May 2010 Grand Pro Wrestling : A few more good men: Rumble Show... it was such a hot evening but the atmosphere was buzzing ( fans and wrestlers) and at that point in my career I hadnt felt nothing like it. Also when I won the UKW championshipfor the first time. I felt really really proud.

And what was the funniest moment in the ring or backstage? Is there a funny story you can share with us?

HAHAH I recall doing a rumble show in my old masked gimmick.. I went out in a pair of blue tights withn some boxer shorts with a big button on them underneath (fatal mistake) and when i was out there someone kicked the button and i felt it pop off. So my willy kept popping out of the hole where the button was so you literally could see all my man bits dangling out, it was covered up but lycra doesnt leave much to the imagination anyway :S BBA swears to this day that something else happened too but I didnt and we still have a personal joke and a bit of banter between each other about that, haha.


When a german promotion will book you will you come back? And where can they contact you?

I would Most Definately return if it ever came about, Eddie Steinblock really looked after me and I had an amazing time. It was good to see how somebody with as much experience as him runs things and how different things are in Germany compared to England. I remeber watching a VHS of Eddie Steinblock when I was a young boy, it was him and someone else VS Vader.

Since I saw that I was a fan of his and he was like a hero to me. So it was great to meet on of my wrestling heroes. If anyone needs to contact me you can on

Now i will say you some names and you tell me the first you think about:

Rob Cage - Flamin Gallah, I respect him because He Gives 110% But we still have unfinished business.

William Gaylord - When I joined Grand Pro Wrestling: Champions training school William Gaylord was a trainee there, I trained with him for a few years before he moved away to london. Hes a great guy, technical wizz with exceptional talent.. oh and did i mention that hes a great guy haha.

Steelbone Paul Panzer - Hmm someone explained to me that Paul Panzer is to Germany what Alan Carr is to England. I liked his match he was involved in and his entrance in the straight jacket.

Keith Myatt - I had previously seen Keith Breifly in the changing room of GPW when I was doing my refereeing for them around 2 years ago. I had seen and heard about him and about how he likes to hit hard, upon meeting him Im not sure what i expected, I never expected a mindless brute nor did I expect a easy pushover. What I did expect however was a ring veteran with a wealth of experience and lots of stories to tell. He didnt dissapoint with his stories. Nor did he when i saw him in the ring against Eddie Steinblock. I know he has wrestled many BIG, BIG names from the Uk and some Big names from around the world, That would be enough to make some people get a huge ego. Not him, Not keith. He is a really nice guy and actually does really deserve the recognition for his hard work.


UKWE - This company is rising fast in the UK, Now they are now broadcast on Sky Channel 219 In England Every Thurdsay and Sunday at 10pm. You can catch me kicking Rob Cages Butt on there weekly :)

Bruce Sheila - Hmm what can i say about Bruce, I hope he continues to Improve and learn from the more experienced wrestlers out there, and im sure that he would love to do to another Wreslting Junkies interview again with you soon :P

And now can you tell us please what John is doing when you not inside the ring? I saw on your facebook you loved travelling?

Yeah, I love travelling sometimes theres nothing better than just driving out on a country road with your music on just relaxing.
I love going to Nightclubs and dancing all night long.
I enjoy being a fan at wreslting shows watching, there i can learn things

At the last you can say some words to your fans.

Thanks for reading my WrestlingJunkies.de interview. Keep following, Love you all.Like my facebook page please to keep up to date with all my shows. Link is here
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bruce-She ... 7998412228

Thanks Guys..Hope to see all of you soon, Seeya x

Thank you very much Bruce and good luck for the future and hope we will see you soon back in germany.

My Pleasure x

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by Advertising » 09.07.2011, 05:25


Re: Bruce Sheila Interview from Down Under UK

Postby Rob Cage on FB » 09.07.2011, 08:52

Just to clarify, the UKW Championship (that's my belt for you ignorant inbreds) was defended SUCCESSFULLY in Bremen, Germany against Bruce Sheila.

So whilst you may be thinking I am not your hero, shining armour-clad knight and all round nice guy, I have in fact elevated the UKW Championship to world status.

So grab that pipe and a lighter.....
Rob Cage on FB

Re: Bruce Sheila Interview from Down Under UK

Postby Wolverine » 09.07.2011, 09:34

Young and dynamic. :big_applaus
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Re: Bruce Sheila Interview from Down Under UK

Postby Tatankafan » 09.07.2011, 11:12


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Re: Bruce Sheila Interview from Down Under UK

Postby Whosnext » 09.07.2011, 13:01

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Re: Bruce Sheila Interview from Down Under UK

Postby EasyE81 » 10.07.2011, 20:51

I love to read when Wrestlers describe how hard training sessions really are. It looks so easily for us when they are in the ring and try to entertain us but it is hard work.
Great interview and Good luck for your future career :big_applaus
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