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Buggy Nova Interview

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Buggy Nova Interview

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 22.01.2012, 09:33

Interview with Buggy Nova

Hello Wrestlingjunkies,
today we have a young Lady from the USA as guest.
Please welcome Buggy Nova.
Hello,thank you be my guest for this interview.


Can you please tell the fans who you are?
Buggy Nova from the sticky depths of Candyland

First, how do you come to the decision to get inside the wrestling ring as Female Wrestler?
I was invited into it this world of wrestling by a friend, started to really get involved and began training, soon to fall in love with it <3

What does your family says to your decision?
Imagine what your Catholic/Replican, proper, middle class family would say...

You just started your career, how was it for you the first time in front of a live crowd inside the
Absolutely brilliant, like a drug. I was immediately comfortable in front of the crowd...i feed off them...quite literally.

Like a Drug. Why? Cause Wrestling is our Drug ;-)


In a german Database i found many trainer,Josh Selby, Shane Ballard, Shannon Ballard & Van
Ayasit.How is the training for yourself?
I had the BEST trainers I could ever ask for...they supported me and encouraged me more than anyone. They taught me properly, safely and realistically; also, a lot of etiquette. I will never forget them.

When you get inside the Ring what is your Favorite Rule,Heel or Face?And why?
I love both, I may lean towards being Face....only bc high fives make my hairspray last longer.

Mostly you work for the NWA but the last time you work for one of the best Women Wrestling
Promotion SHIMMER. How was it work there and fight against Kimberly Maddox, Su Yung & Veda Scott?
Absolutely memorable, it was truly surreal, i feel so blessed to have been there working with the greatest women of the indys.

Buggy you wrestle since some years,what would you say is your personal highlight in this time?
Being at Shimmer Oct 2011, wrestling such icons as ODB, Serena Deeb, and Allison Danger. Feuding with Candice LeRae in NWA Hollywood. Traveling up and down California, Nevada and Arizona with my best friend. Meeting and making new friends and unforgettable memories along the way....

When a promotion will book you where can they contact you?
email: buggylovenova@yahoo.com



What do you do when you're not wrestling in your time outside the ring?
I like to draw, play guitar, sing songs to my dog and make her dance with me after going swimming and trying on new puppy clothes made out of all things that are wonderful.


And the last you can say some words to your fans outside there.

Thank you very much and i hope u see us sometime here in germany.
xooxoxoxoxoxo yesplz. that would be great :)

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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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Admin + WJ ARMY General
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by Advertising » 22.01.2012, 09:33


Re: Buggy Nova Interview

Postby NewWorldOrder » 22.01.2012, 11:08


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WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
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Re: Buggy Nova Interview

Postby Whosnext » 22.01.2012, 12:02

Nice Interview. :big_applaus
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Re: Buggy Nova Interview

Postby Canadian Wolfe » 23.01.2012, 18:33

Meet her at SHIMMER. Awesome.
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Canadian Wolfe
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Re: Buggy Nova Interview

Postby EasyE81 » 23.01.2012, 20:32

In one ring with ODB or Serena Deeb ?! Great!
Cool woman :big_applaus
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WJ ARMY 1st Lt.
WJ ARMY 1st Lt.
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Re: Buggy Nova Interview

Postby Matt Hardy Brand » 24.01.2012, 09:03

Love it :big_applaus

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Matt Hardy Brand
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Re: Buggy Nova Interview

Postby Dogface » 26.01.2012, 19:07

ich würde sie gerne in der tna sehen als teil des teams mit shannon moore und co. :big_applaus
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Re: Buggy Nova Interview

Postby The Choosen One » 28.01.2012, 12:03

The Choosen One
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