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Interview Ayesha Ray - The Female Predator Amazon

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Interview Ayesha Ray - The Female Predator Amazon

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 18.05.2012, 19:55

First of all, it is a pleasure for Wrestlingjunkies.de, to do this Interview and we thank 
you for this opportunity. How are you doing?

**I'm cool Thank You.


Can you tell the fans who you are?

***My Name is The Female Predator AMAZON!, SWF (Solent Wrestling Federation) Ladies Champion and one half of the PWF (Premier Wrestling Federation) tag team champions.

Can you tell our readers more about your first steps into the wrestling business,what was 
the reason you want to be a pro wrestler?

***My first steps into the wrestling business were in 2007.
I was 17 years old and I started training with former FWA star, ASHE in London, the training school was later taken over by British legend, and former FWA star Justin Richards in 2008.

Later on in that year, I began training at WAW (World Association Of Wrestling) , under the tutelage of “Rowdy” Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya, where I made my wrestling debut against Zak Zodiac and his sister Britani Knight, current FCW anti-diva, Paige.
I've always wanted to be a professional wrestler since I was about five-ish (lol).

I remember watching Shawn Michaels, Sensational Sherri, Chris Jericho, Lita and Chyna,when I was growing up and just thinking that’s what I want to do!


Your coaches in wrestling and your first time in training?

***I've been pretty lucky, when it comes to trainers, getting to learn from some of the most respected wrestlers in the business has been an honour, Justin Richards, Sweet Saraya and Ricky Knight, to name but a few. Thank you all.

But the first couple of months with both the school in London and WAW were killer, I still to this day have nightmares about “Up-Downs” and “The Chair” anyone trained by either know exactly what I'm talking abou

Do you remember your first match and what was it like to wrestle in front of an live crowd 
for the first time?

***My first match….umm well (lol) I remember all of it and its very special to me, not only because it was my first time in the ring but also because of the trust that was put into me to have the match and the literal verbal-debating to have the match even take place.
As I mentioned before my first pro match was with WAW but my first training match was in London and one person made it all possible, Thank you Justin Richards.


In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of the training needed to become a 
professional wrestler?

***Most people say the physical aspect is more challenging but I've found it takes a toll on you mentally.
You need to be focused when it comes to this business and sometimes put up with and accept a lot even when you don’t agree with the situatio

Let´s talk about your Gimmick as Female Predator Amazon,is there a story behind that?

***The Story is, I like to hit things….really hard!

You are not alone, you a still a part of the London Inc. Can you tell us more about this 
group of talents?

***London INC is the hottest faction in British wrestling. We were formed on Febuary 8th 2009, the group is lead by (C.E.O) Jet Logan, and is completed by (Vice C.E.O) "The Wrestlers' Wrestler" D.K.J. and (Head of security) "The Female Predator" AMAZON! Our aim is to bring the London “Underground” to the surface.


What would you say was your hardest match or one of this in your time in wrestling?
** My first series of matches were with both Britani Knight (now FCW Anti-Diva Paige) and Sweet Saraya Knight so I can honestly say… I’ve never had an easy match *laugh*. But, my hardest match to date has been between myself and Rhia O’Rielly March 2012 WAWW Bellatrix for the no1 contender-ship of the British Ladies Championship, I haven’t had many matches with opponents who are both technically similar with me and nearly similar in size (still taller than you…..) and has also come from the same training background as me (Saraya Knight, Justin Richards, British technical-submission). Ms O’ Rielly is both my greatest rival and one of my inspirations over the years. We’ve gone hand in hand like the female versions of Lance Storm vs Chris Jericho without each other I don’t think we both would have survived but when we’re in the ring its MAGIC!

How would you describe your wrestling style? 

***I have a technical base but if you wanna fight I will. I like to say my style is a technical-submission style, with a monster edge. 

Mainstream Wrestling in the USA. In my eyes TNA puts more on wrestling and the WWE more on the look of the female worker. In your opinion, how far do good looks get a female in 
this industry all over the world?

***I wouldn't say good looks gets you far, its more about “the look”. I've always been told and thought that to advance to that level you need a look that's unique, something different to offer to make you stand out.


When a booker or company wants you alone or together with the London Inc.where can they 
contact you and why should they book you?

***Because we bring technical ability, power and entertainment, and we’re extremely different to EVERYONE else that’s out there we’re……from London 

Wrestler on the road have many times funny stories of this time. Do you have a funny one 
which you could share with us?

***Ummm (*laugh*) buy the book in a few years ……

When your career has run its course, what do you want to be remembered for the most?

***For making a difference in this business and showing that’s your dream can come true with perseverance . My motto has always been 
“Live to be different and a difference can change the world, if you fall in line you'll soon fall behind.”

Do you want to say something to the Wrestlingjunkies.de fans?

***Yep follow me on twitter @amazonayesharay or @thelondoninc on facebook/LondonINC or The Female Predator Amazon support the cause and back the “Underground” London.

Thank you very much for this interview and good luck for your future!


Amazon Pic´s Theard 95078239nx11307/between-divas-and-knockouts--pictures-and-videos-f371/amazon-pics-thread-t10471.html

LONDON INc & Amazon Videos THREAD: 95078239nx11307/wrestling-history-and-more-f182/london-inc-youtube-videos-thread-t10472.html
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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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by Advertising » 18.05.2012, 19:55


Re: Interview with LONDON Inc - Amazon

Postby EasyE81 » 18.05.2012, 21:38

Great interview... :big_applaus
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Re: Interview with LONDON Inc - Amazon

Postby Londonstyle » 19.05.2012, 06:09

Thats London Style Hell Yeah

Re: Interview with LONDON Inc - Amazon

Postby European Assault » 19.05.2012, 12:18

Amazon had some great matches and she should be work for the EVE title.
European Assault
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Re: Interview with LONDON Inc - Amazon

Postby NewWorldOrder » 19.05.2012, 20:13


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Re: Interview with LONDON Inc - Amazon

Postby London Underground Warrior » 19.05.2012, 20:31

Amazon is a Predator unleashed [i_like_it][/i_like_it]
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London Underground Warrior
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Re: Interview with LONDON Inc - Amazon

Postby Jumper » 20.05.2012, 17:13

Would love to see her against some german female worker like Blue Nikita ,Kat Deluxe or Alpha Female :big_applaus
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Re: Interview with LONDON Inc - Amazon

Postby Awesome One » 25.05.2012, 15:30

Amazing :big_applaus
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Re: Interview with LONDON Inc - Amazon

Postby Apfel » 04.12.2012, 18:56

Jumper wrote:Would love to see her against some german female worker like Blue Nikita ,Kat Deluxe or Alpha Female :big_applaus

Amazon had already a Match against Alpha Female at Pro Wrestling EVE. It was a hard hitting Match for the Title. You can see some of the footage on Part 2 "The British Wrestler"

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