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Interview Justin Cage - Inside the Cage

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Interview Justin Cage - Inside the Cage

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 08.04.2012, 08:01

WANTED NEXT ROHLING2012 justin cage forum.JPG
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Hello Wrestlingjunkies,
today my guest comes from the USA.

Please welcome Justin Cage.

Hello Justin,thank you for your time for this interview.
My pleasure and Thank you for having me

Can you please tell the fans here in Germany and all over the world who you are?

Well I'm "the Realist" Justin Cage. A man who had a dream to be a wrestler and wouldn't let anything get in his way. I broke my neck for this business, no one took me serious when I was younger. Back home no one looked at professional wrestling as even an option of a career and I defied those odds. I was always told to be serious and focus on REAL jobs, that just made me push harder to prove everyone wrong and achieve what I wanted to do and once I did just rub it in their faces. To prove how society pushes people and tries to mold them into something they are not. Trying to get them to work regular jobs and convince them that dreams are fantasy. (I have nothing against working a real job, as I have worked plenty of regular jobs, but society rarely encourages peoples dreams. I feel people more so humor the dream until a person is to a certain age (usually teenage years) and then are persuaded that dreams are fantasy and that it was all fun and games while your young but time to grow up now. I have always lived by the mentality of like me or hate me you will know me. And if I put my mind to something nothing will stop me, some people may call that an ego. I call it a way of life.

Justin ,how do you come to the decision to be a Pro wrestler?
It is something I decided when I was about 3-4 years old. I used to watch WWF superstars every weekend with my grandfather. I remember watching the rockers and saying "that's what I am going to be when I get older!". They were exciting, they took wrestling to a whole new level with their crazy ring gear, and their highflying ability that at the time not many people really did. They just really stood out and set a new type of style for the American fans. After watching them, they had me hooked; they reeled me in like a fish.

Coaches in Wrestling?I found on a german database names like Homicide and Low Ki.

I originally trained at the LIWF doghouse which I did have help in my training from Homicide and Low Ki. As well as my main trainer Laython. I owe them everything, They gave me my start and taught me so much. The LIWF Doghouse put a lot into this business developing aot of talent you see on TV and on the Independent circuit today, Unfortunately The Dog House never really got that main stream publicity as being one of the best schools. They really pushed you to your limits and really brought the best out of you..... I also would travel to different schools and take different camps and seminars with talent such as Bret Hart,Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat,Tom Pritchard, Bill Demott, as well as a ton more I am sure I am forgetting, just to get as much knowledge and experience as I could.

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When you get inside the Ring what is your Favorite Rule,Heel or Face?And why?
I honestly don't have a preference. I think it is easier to be hated then loved. It is always fun to be a heel, but then again always great to have the fans cheer, but more so I make a point to go out there and give it 100%. Either way, like me or hate, me you will know me.

Born in Brooklyn but now living in Orlando,Florida. Do you watch TNA Wrestling and is maybe
TNA and goal for yourself?
I moved mainly because of the weather. Lol, but seriously umm, I don't have a set goal besides I just want to wrestle whether it be WWE TNA or some new company it really doesn't matter to me. My dream is just to compete on a world wide level. I have done some work for TNA back in 2004 and 2007 so maybe that could be an option in the future.

You mostly wrestle in the United States,which countries would you love to visit to work?

I have always wanted to go to japan, England, Germany and Italy. Just unfortunately haven't had the opportunity yet. I love interacting with the fans and love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I love to travel so looking forward to hopefully getting the opportunity to visit some fans over seas.

At the NWS Company you vs The New F´n Show Jerry Lynn. How was the match for yourself?
Jerry and I go way back. It's always am honor and pleasure to be in the ring with someone like Jerry who has accomplished so much throughout his career.We have wrestled each other many times and are at a standstill right now with a tie of 2 wins a piece. Hopefully we will see the tie breaker soon enough since Jerry Lynn has announced that this is his last year in professional wrestling. Jerry Lynn is a great guy with an immense amount of knowledge and talent and I can honestly say even when being on the losing end I have learned so much to him and credit him with a lot. he definitely is one of those guys that deserves more then he got. Very under rated.

You also had last year a match against another TNA Star Petey Williams.What can you say
about that?


He is another person that I have a history with. We have wrestled each other 2 x and are also at a stand-still of 1 win each. This is another match I hope to one day settle the score with. Petey is another great talent that I think can, and should go a long way in this biz. And he is another talent I feel is very under rated.

When you look in the future is there anything you want to do in wrestling or a match you are
dreaming for?

Like I stated before my main goal is to compete on a world wide level. As far as matches go, I definitely would love to work with Marty Jannetty. The rockers were my idols growing up and the reason I ever pursued becoming a wrestler. Obviously Shawn is retired now so that could never happen. But Marty is still out there working his @$$ off and I respect the hell out of the man. He has done a lot. Been through a lot, and still hasn't skipped a beat, so he would definitely be a match I would consider to be a dream match for me. I would also like a match with Sean Waltman (X-Pac) before he retires full time.

Maybe you wrestle Marty Jannetty sometimes in germany, he is still the DWA Champion at this time.

What advice would you give to someone that was thinking about becoming a wrestler?

Don't do it. LOL.. but seriously stay in school. Get an education. Worry about wrestling second. There is never a guarantee no matter what people might try to tell you. There is no guarantee that you will make it to the big's. Take your education seriously and have a plan to fall back on. Understand wrestling is 100 x more then what you see on TV. Its a life style that makes you sacrifice so much, and have to deal with so much BS with politics and injuries etc. Understand what your getting yourself into. And to have a fall back is probably the best advice I could give someone.

And when you look at your time in Wrestling what was your personal highlight inside the
I think one of my main highlights would have to be just having my mother around to see me achieve my dream and watch me perform numerous times before she passed. Other then that I don't think I have one specific highlight. I have done a lot. I was fortunate enough to get to train with some great talent, wrestle some great talent and people I looked up to growing up and have the up most respect for (list way to long to mention). I have gotten to wrestle on TNA impact. I got to travel a lot and meet tons of people and made a ton of friends while in this biz. Have memories that can last a life time so this is a question I cant answer with just one specific time.


Where do you wrestle now?

I was sidelined with some personal health issues that thank God have now gotten to the bottom of it and am better. Back in training and back in the ring and back on the road. Right now just trying to get as much work as possible , travel as much as possible and just get my name out there as much as I can and entertain as many people as possible. Just looking to make a big impact in 2012

Smartmarks still all over the world.How do you feel about the very critical smartmarks? Do
they damage the business?
I hate using the term mark or smark or smart mark, as honestly the biggest marks in the world are pro wrestlers since we took our love for the sport/entertainment and actually took it one step further to actually become a wrestler. I don't think the fans necessarily damage the biz as they do force guys to be more competitive and go out and do way more then they have to sometimes resulting in injury. I think back in the day when people cared about kayfabe and protected the biz things meant more and wrestling had more anticipation, storylines were able to be carried out longer and were more believable (that also changed with the amount of ppv's from the pasts maybe big 4-5 ppv's to just about 2-3 every month and having wrestling on TV just about every night. Now it has become all about money and ratings and entertainment and the Internet (which can spoil a lot as far as story lines and things since a lot of stuff is taped in advance. Also unfortunately exposes a lot of personal things like health issues and personal or family issues going on behind the scenes. I think it just forced wrestling to go from a sport to "sports entertainment") Over all I think the biz just changed over time from what it used to be, and I don't think one specific group of people can be blamed or credited for the change. I think it was just something that just like with life, evolved and changed into something different.

And what does the men behind the wrestler when you not stands in the ring?

I'm a very quiet laid back type of person. I like to hang out with friends and always try to go home to New York whenever I can to I visit family and friends. Or I am at home with my pets and just relaxing watching sports or occasionally playing sports. I used to be big on going to different events but time consuming haven't had as much time as I'd like to get to more baseball and basketball games.


At the last something to say to your fans ?
All I really can say to my fans is THANK YOU. You guys have supported me through thick and thin. Injuries and hard times. The fans are what makes this worth doing. Without them none of this would be possible so I thank each and every one of you. I love all my fans, and love interacting, fans can check me out on facebook at facebook.com/therealjustincage or twitter @realjustincage.

Thank you being my guest and I hope we see you sometimes in a German ring.

Anytime and hopefully I will see all you German fans in the near future. Thank you for having me and thank you again to all the fans out there.
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by Advertising » 08.04.2012, 08:01


Re: Interview Justin Cage - Inside the Cage

Postby European Assault » 08.04.2012, 14:58

Tolles und ausführliches Interview.

Vom aussehen würde er Super in die TNA passen. Gibts Videos von seinen TNA Matches?

European Assault
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Re: Interview Justin Cage - Inside the Cage

Postby Mr Anderson » 09.04.2012, 11:08

Justin Cage 4 TNA :big_applaus

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Re: Interview Justin Cage - Inside the Cage

Postby EasyE81 » 09.04.2012, 19:27

Great interview, very detailed.
Justin Cage really could go to TNA, he even worked for them once, so they already know him. Maybe we`re gonna watch him on TV in the future :D
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Re: Interview Justin Cage - Inside the Cage

Postby NewWorldOrder » 10.04.2012, 07:49

Young and Wild. Bring him to TNA.

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Re: Interview Justin Cage - Inside the Cage

Postby NewWorldOrder » 10.04.2012, 07:54

European Assault wrote:Gibts Videos von seinen TNA Matches?

Das konnte ich nicht finden aber das hier:


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WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
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Re: Interview Justin Cage - Inside the Cage

Postby CatchVampGirl » 14.04.2012, 16:05

Der sieht lecker aus Rrrrrrr
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Re: Interview Justin Cage - Inside the Cage

Postby Justin Cage » 19.04.2012, 17:26

Hey guys thanks for all the support. you can check out more matches below i have added some links.

highlight reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmzsdU_-eLI

vs jerry lynn & nicky oceans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAO68uL5U5c&feature=fvsr

w.brooke tessmacher vs nicky oceans & niya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk8y5rfNjSk

vs jerry lynn & JD smoothie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5ZpMNJo ... ojT_bAQuw=

also check out videos on my page at facebook.com/therealjustincage
Justin Cage

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