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Interview Kerry Cabrero - Wrestling is not a place for wimps

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Interview Kerry Cabrero - Wrestling is not a place for wimps

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 01.04.2012, 07:31

Hello Wrestlingjunkies,
today my guest comes from the UK.
Please welcome Kerry Cabrero

Hello Kerry,thank you for this interview.
hi bernd

Can you please tell the fans who you are?
ive been a wrestler now for 22 years, i live in england , and wrestle foe EWW , and sometimes WAW.

How do you come to the decision to be a Pro wrestler?
just by being fan , my main love was the old nwa i was so hooked it on i give up playing football , play football in the rain or watch ric flair vs ron gavin in a cage , wrestling won everytime ha ha

Before you started in this business what says your family and friends when you say you will wrestle?
family was abit shocked but was behind me 100% as for friends it didnt matter i wanted wrestling (sorry guys)

Who is your trainer and how is the training for yourself?
there was a few who helped me , mel stuart a great old timer ive never forgot his training and advice , i own alot to that man and would like to thank him , another man who you guys would know ,was mr robbie brookside this man hepled me in so many ways ive never forgot , but also alot of credit goes to alot of great wreslters out there that have helped me along the way , ricky knight , drew mcdoanld, thank you to all of these guys

Was there sometimes a moment in training when you say:Thats to much i give up?
hey the training hurt big time , but the idea of me giving up never came into my head , once you get something like that in your you might aswell walk away , this is not a place for wimps

Do you remember your first match and can you share with us this moment?
my first match was a rumble lets just say i had my arse handed to me big time ha ha .

Your wrestle for the EWW thats right? And you hold the EWW Championship?
yes i do , i love everything about eww and all it stands for ,yes i beat the dominator for the title in a very hard hiting match , one of the best matches in my career, but saying that our singles matches ive had with him have been some of the best matches ive ever had .

Do you work in your time in Wrestling in other Promotions?
yes i wrestle for wrestle force, and waw

Back to the EWW, you wrestle,so far i know, in the first Mixed Tag Team Casket Match in the History of Wrestling.How does it feels and what can you say about the match and your opponents?
first off i loved that match , plus i got to work with dominator thats always good but i got to work with skarlett , i have to say it one of the best female wrestlers out there no one comes close to how hard this girl trains , really enjoyed the whole match .

When you get inside the Ring what is your Favorite Rule,Heel or Face?And why?
it dont matter to me i could do both very well my goal is always ( whatever i am ,) to make sure every fan enjoys my match

Is WWE or TNA in the USA an Aim for you? And which Promotion is your Favorite?
hey both are ok sometimes great , everyone would be glad to be in them , its where the money is ha ha

When you look in the future is there anything you want to do in wrestling or a match you are dreaming for?
i would really like to atleast once to tour japan

Will we see you sometimes back in a German Wrestling Ring?
hey would love to come back to germany love the place and love the fans , it would be nice to show the fans how much of a good wrestler ive become

And when you look at your time in Wrestling what was your personal highlight inside the ring?
there has been so many great matches and great times , hard to name one , my matches with doug williams and dominator , plus my old friend danny royal was great , for great times ? think my time in eww has been some of the best , thank you EWW.

Many Wrestler can told some good Road Trip Storys, can you tell the fans on of yours?
hey lets just say alot of great times was had by all

When a promoter will book you where can they contact you?
hey anyone wanting to book me just get on facebook and leave me some mail

And what do the Man behind the Wrestler when you not stands in the ring?
wrestling is my life if i aint in a match im helping one of the best wrestling schools in england at EWW

At the last something to say to your fans ?
thats ok i loved doing it and maybe soon, you german fans will get to MR C do his stuff in germany again ha ha , take care everyone and please check out EWW pro wrestling on facebook got lots of videos on there all the news , just a great page to look at .

Thank you being my guest and i hope we see you sometimes back in a german ring.

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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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Admin + WJ ARMY General
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by Advertising » 01.04.2012, 07:31


Re: Interview Kerry Cabrero - Wrestling is not a place for w

Postby Desmond Wolfe » 01.04.2012, 09:10

Desmond Wolfe
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Re: Interview Kerry Cabrero - Wrestling is not a place for w

Postby Mr Anderson » 01.04.2012, 11:32

Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine wrote: this is not a place for wimps


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Re: Interview Kerry Cabrero - Wrestling is not a place for w

Postby Old School » 01.04.2012, 17:38


Old School

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Old School
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Re: Interview Kerry Cabrero - Wrestling is not a place for w

Postby EasyE81 » 02.04.2012, 20:39

Cooles Interview :D
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