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Interview with "Bonesaw" Alan Cunningham

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Interview with "Bonesaw" Alan Cunningham

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 14.10.2012, 11:31

Hello Wrestlingjunkies.de Fans.
Today we have a guest from Ireland
Please welcome Alan Cunningham

First of all, it is a pleasure for Wrestlingjunkies.de, to do this Interview and we thank
you for this opportunity. How are you doing?

Hi guys, Im doing great at the moment and thank you for taking the time out to speak with me.


Can you tell our readers more about your first steps into the wrestling business,what was
the reason you wanna be a pro wrestler?

Wrestling, as for most people involved was something I had always wanted to do. My first exposure to pro wrestling was the old British World of Sport on a Saturday afternoon. Watching guys like Fit Finlay, Kendo Nagasaki, Steve Grey and Rollerball Rocco gave me my first taste of what I wanted to do when I got older. Then with Sky coming to the UK I got to experience the over top performance of the WWE(WWF at the time) and guys like Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, L.O.D and Hogan. Seeing these guys like superheroes brought to life further reinforced my desire to try and do this. Ultimately at the time 2 wrestlers stood out for me the most, and unfortunately both are no longer with us, Randy Savage and Curt Henning, these two men have always been my ultimate inspiration in wrestling.

Your coaches in wrestling and your first time in training?

When I first got into wrestling, training schools did not exist in Ireland to the extent and quality they do now. My first trainer was a multiple black belt in various martial arts who had claimed to be trained as a Pro Wrestler in England. My first time in training consisted of lots of bumps, although beat up from the session it motivated to push my body to greater extremes and confirmed in my mind this is something I wanted to take further. As I started training a guy who I had gone to school with also started training and I knew he had gone to several Training Camps at Hammerlock in England, this was AWRs Dunkan Disorderly. It didnt take long for our trainers lack of knowledge to show through and we began to get disenchanted with the time we were putting in for so little out come. At the time I was training 18 hours a week in wrestling and martial arts to try and give me a better grounding in the sport. Eventually we saw through this guys lies and Dunkan began to show us what he had learnt during his time at Hammerlock. Since those early days I have always made a point of trying to learn as much and as often as possible, I still train every week and try and get to camps and seminars taken by other, guys like, Paul Tracey, Fergal Devitt, Tracey Smothers and Kid Cash. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the best guys around, like Paddy Morrow, Shawn Maxer and Joe Cabray and learn from them in the ring also.

Alan ,you wrestle under many gimmicks and names.Can you tell us all that Aka´s?

Yeah there have been a few gimmicks over the years- I try to stay versatile and give promoters what they want. I believe that wrestling shouldnt at the independent level shouldnt be focused on getting yourself over with the crowd to show how good you are but about getting the promotion over. Unfortunately wrestling is largely at the point were people are paying to simply see wrestling rather than individual performers. Heres a list of the names and gimmicks- Currently Im Bonesaw, I have also been know as The Machine, Fallen Star, Fallen Star Eddie Mecca, Shogun, Shogun Kentaro, Ali Cunningham, Da Machine, Belfast Bonesaw Billy King and Bonesaw McGraw.

Do you remember your first match and what was it like to wrestle in front of an live crowd
for the first time?

I remember My first match well, It was a small crowd of about 100 people but at the time it felt like a lot more and the nerves definetly came to the forefront. I was in there with my first trainer the martial arts guy. I was confident about this match as I was getting in there with a guy who "had experience". This illusion of being in there with an experienced hand was shattered within a minute- after this guy took his first bump he told me he was winded and we had to finish the match, I told him that i would give him time and we would get through it, so in I found myself in the position of having to call my first match in my first match. To say that this match was a mess would be an understatement, I had no idea what I was doing, but it was an invaluable lesson for me for two reasons. Firstly it got me use to working under pressure and secondly it was my first exposure to the lies and deciet that all too often become involved in what we do.

In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of the training need to become a
professional wrestler?

Finding good trainers who can teach you how to work and actually wrestle is the most challenging aspect. Since my first training I have been fortunate enough to further learn under true talents like Fergal Devitt and Tracey Smothers. Now as someone who trains people the most challenging aspect is dealing with the sense of entitlement people have. A lot of guys who turn up to train now feel like because they train they should get on shows, most are not prepared to put the work in and some just cant accept that they are not meant to do this. As a trainer I have bben fortunate to have some great students, in particular Kasey Owens- she is starting to make a name for herself in the UK and Ireland and hopefully get some bigger breaks in the near future.

What would you say was your hardest match or one of this in your time in wrestling?

My hardest match was definetly my first as mentioned above. However since then I have been involved in some tough matches physically rather than mentally tough. Some of my toughest have been against the 7ft Tron(Jason Mullens from FCW) , we have several matches and just the sheer height makes every bump you take that much harder. To be honest I prefer my matches to be quite tough because it keepsd you on your toes and switched on.

Who had the greatest influence/impact on your life as pro wrestler?

In the early days it was guys like Savage and Henning, but in recent years I have begun to take more stuff from guys like Ricky Steamboat and Arn Anderson. I guess I cant highlight one guy who has influenced me more than an other. I think that we should try and gain something from evryone we watch or work with weather its something to do or what not to do.

You wrestle mostly in Ireland for companys like AWR and No Limit Wrestling. How
would you describe the companys in ireland?

I do wrestle mostly in Ireland and have wrestled pretty much for every promotion that currently exists or has in the past. At one time the promotions had very different styles- the main 3 where, UCW which had a hardcore ECW style, IWW which had a WWE Anmerican Style and NWA Ireland who had a British Technical Style. Eventually NLW opened there doors and combined all these elements under one roof. For the first Time all the main guys from the rival promotions started to work together and put on fantastic shows, I was just gald to be considered good enough to be part of it. AWR is a bigger deal and working for them has been a great experience, especially getting to work with guys like Bret Hart, Rhyno and Scotty 2 Hotty from WWE. At present the Irish scene is producing some great young talent who will make names for themselves in the not too distant future and Im gald to be part of that l.egacy


When i hear AWR and NLW my first thought is Joe Cabray and i saw photos where you wrestle
him as The Omen.I like gimmicks in wrestling like the WWE does it in the 90´s.What do you
think about gimmicks?

Wrestling Joe is always fun, and we always try to bring out the absolute best in each other when we get the chance to lock up, currently both being heels limits this opportunity, but has allowed us to tag and be an extremely dominate team. I like gimmicks and feel they are a big part of what we do, like I said earlier people tend to pay just to see wrestling these days and its good to be able to stand out from the crowd with a gimmick. Ive woren a mask as the Fallen Star and Shogun and it has allowed me to get the character over easier than just being a guy in trunks and boots. I think for any aspiring wrestlers come up with a gimmick that makes you stand out from the crowd but also dont compromise what you do in the ring for the sake of a gimmick.


How would you describe your wrestling style?

When I first started I was all about the technical stuff but now I guess Im an all rounder. Again I am versatile enough to change my style to suit a gimmick. As Bonesaw Im all about brawling and intensity but I can still pull out the technical stuff and fly abit when needed.

When a booker or company wants you,where can they contact you and why should they book you?

The best bet is my email- albirdo90@hotmail.com.

I am currently looking for work in Europe so please feel free to get in touch.

Wrestler on the road have many times funny storys of this time.Do you have a funny one
which you could share with us?

Most of my stories I cant share as it might get some people in trouble. One that stands out for me was driving home from ashow one night along a motorway at about 100mph, we were having afew beers, one of the guys who had had a few too many tried put down his electric window but instead opend the door by mistake. We all found this extremely funny except for the driver who was sober and though his door was going to get ripped off.


When your career has run its course, what do you want to be remembered for the most?

I would like to be remember as a guy who can have good matches with anyone. I would also like to be remembered as guy who has helped train some of the stars of the future.

And what do you when you not stands in the ring?

When not wrestling I work as a School Teacher, This is probably whwere I have developed my promo skills and heel work: )

Do you want to say something to the Wrestlingjunkies.de fans?

Thanks for getting to the end of this guys, I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to wrestling in front of you guys in the near future

Thank you very much for this interview and good luck for your future!
Wrestlingjunkies.de - Wrestling is our Drug!!!!

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by Advertising » 14.10.2012, 11:31


Re: Interview with "Bonesaw" Alan Cunningham

Postby Whosnext » 14.10.2012, 11:47

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Re: Interview with "Bonesaw" Alan Cunningham

Postby mike » 14.10.2012, 13:12

Good Interview.Thank you Mr. Cunningham :big_applaus

When i hear Bonesaw i thought about The Wrestler Movie ;-)

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Re: Interview with "Bonesaw" Alan Cunningham

Postby MastermindMaik » 17.10.2012, 17:55

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Re: Interview with "Bonesaw" Alan Cunningham

Postby Greenbay81 » 20.10.2012, 18:14

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