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Interview with BAKO from Italy

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Interview with BAKO from Italy

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 30.12.2012, 10:33

Hello Wrestlingjunkies.de Fans.
Today we have a guest from Italy
Please welcome Bako


First of all, it is a pleasure for Wrestlingjunkies.de, to do this Interview and we thank you for this opportunity. How are you doing?
I'm doing fine thank you...

Can you tell our readers more about your first steps into the wrestling business,what was the reason you wanna be a pro wrestler?
Well since I was a little child I loved wrestling...I remember in the late 80s when in Italy it was shown on tv...Hulk Hogan,Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior...and the British Bulldogs, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair...it was a so great period for wrestling...and I grew up viewing their matches...I was very lucky...

Well one day I realised that I didn't want to watch it on Tv and stop...it wasn't enough for me...I wanted to be part of this...

Your coaches in wrestling and your first time in training?
so I attended a wrestling training by the WWE Hall of Famer Afa the Wild Samoan who came in my town...it was a so exciting and stimulating experience and I understood it could'n be over with the end of that training...it was just the beginning...

at that training I met Sergio Noel...he was the man who brought wrestling in Italy...he created the first Italian Wrestling Promotion (IWS) which verily was composed mostly from European wrestlers (and no Italian wrestlers...)

So I began to train in Iws...I had the chance to train and to get in the ring with such European wrestlers as Makoto Morimitsu, El Ultimo Chingon, Starbuck, Michael Kovac, Erik Isaksen, Crazy Sexy Mike...

Do you remember your first match and what was it like to wrestle in front of an live crowd for the first time?
My first match was in Reggio Calabria...it was near the sea...and that day it rained...so it was a quite hard debut...I remember it was not easy to realize normal wrestling maneuver...the ring was very slippery...but in the end it went quite good...I remember I was really nervous...my legs were trembling and my heart beat so fast...but I will never forget it...it was the beginning of a great love...

In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of the training need to become a
professional wrestler?
I think to become professional wrestlers is very very hard...it takes years and years of sacrifice, years and years of hard trainings (sometimes without seeing great results...), years and years of learning from everything which you can listen to and you can see...

Then when you have tha fortune of learning wrestling from real and great experinced wrestlers everything is easier and it becomes part of your life...but it isn't easy at all and it isn't for everyone...

Who had the greatest influence/impact on your life as pro wrestler?
All the wrestlers I wrestled with gave me influence and inspiration...all of them...

Of course I learnt a lot also watching million and million of matches...: Lou Thesz, Karl Gotch, Antonio Inoki, Dory Funk Jr, Dynamite Kid, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock etc etc etc...they are too many and it is impossible to remember all of them...but I know that for a pro wrestler it has a huge relevance to study great wrestlers match...

Who do you enjoy working with in the ring the most?
Well I loved to wrestle against Makoto Morimitsu, El Ultimo Chingon and Crazy Sexy Mike...I think my best match was just versus Crazy Sexy Mike in Madrid in front of 3 thousands people...

You wrestle in Italy, how would you describe the Companys there and your rule inside there?
Well wrestling level in Italy is not so good...everybody want to be prowrestlers, everybody want to create promotion, everybody want to be part of the business but unluckily most of them are not ready...the result is that Italian Wrestling is not so good and except few promotion the level is quite low...it is sad to say but it is truth...

I was lucky to wrestle mostly with European prowrestlers...that was why I was lucky and my wrestling level is more European and less Italian...

When a booker or company wants you,where can they contact you and why should they book you?
Whereever I had wrestling matches my matches were good matches...the phsycology was good, the technical aspect was good, the phisical aspect good too...everywhere I wrestled wrestling fans in the show were happy and gave good responses to my matches...and that is the most important thing to me in the business...that's all...

When your career has run its course, what do you want to be remembered for the most?
I hope to be remembered (when I 'll stop but at the moment I'm not thinking about it at all...!) as one of the most important Italian wrestler of my time and I know to be part of Italian wrestling history

And what do you when you not stands in the ring?
Well when I'm not in the ring I train...then I use to help minors with pshichatric problems, I love to help people with problems...

I love reading, I love watching my football team (Torino) games, I love to stay with my family and to do something that can be useful for them...

I love music, I love dancing and playing guitar...I love girls...:) and of course I love wrestling...

Do you want to say something to the Wrestlingjunkies.de fans?
I thank you and all Wrestlingjunkies.de fan and hope to meet you and the wrestling fans to show one of the thing that I love more and that I can't help keep on doing...: to be a pro-wrestler!

that's my wrestling fanpage...if you want join it :)...:


Thank you very much for this interview and good luck for your future!

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Re: Interview with BAKO from Italy

Postby Old School » 30.12.2012, 11:07

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Re: Interview with BAKO from Italy

Postby Mankind » 30.12.2012, 13:16

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Re: Interview with BAKO from Italy

Postby BIG » 31.12.2012, 03:28

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Re: Interview with BAKO from Italy

Postby German Supporter » 01.01.2013, 13:58

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