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Interview with Crazy Mary Dobson

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Interview with Crazy Mary Dobson

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 29.04.2012, 07:38

Hello Wrestlingjunkies,
today we have a guest from the USA.
She is young,she is hardcore and she is carzy.
Please welcome Crazy Mary Dobson.

Hello Mary and thank you for your time for this interview.

First can you tell the fans who you are?
Well like you said my name is Crazy Mary Dobson, I am a Indy womens wrestler from the U.S.A. I love to kick ass and watch horror movies in my spare time.


How do you come to the decision to be a female wrestler?
I never really made the decision to be come a female wrestler, i decided to become A wrestler. To me there should be no difference between female and male wrestlers, they should all work the same.

Who is or was your coaches in wrestling and how was the training for yourself?
My first trainer was Mickie Knuckles, she showed me the basics and still helps me out some today. My current main trainer is Mad Man Pondo, he took me under his wing and teaches me everything he knows and takes me everywhere he goes, I owe a lot if not all of my recognition to him. Just recently Bull Pain has been teaching me match theory and old school wrestling, he also has been helping me stay in shape.

Do you remember your first match and what was it like to wrestle in front of an audience
for the first time?
My first big match was at IWA East Coast, and for those of you that don't know that is a pretty big promotion. I was so nervous that it was unreal. But the thing that pushed me was I did not expect my music to play when it did, so I didn't have time to think about being nervous when I went out, I had to just do it. Once I went out there though I wasn't nervous at all, I get so focused on my match I don't think about being nervous.


In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of the training need to become a
professional wrestler?
For me it is having confidence in yourself while training, when I train, especially with someone big, I get insecure of my abilities and it makes my training harder then it needs to be. But I am getting over that the more I train. Another hard thing is when your training with another wrestler is learning there style, but once you learn it, it really helps you out.

What would you say was your hardest match in your young time in wrestling?
I was in a three way match with ODB and Traci Brooks. They were my first big wrestling stars I wrestled with and I was nervous as hell, and three way matches are difficult. But I held it together and we had a good match.

How would you describe your wrestling style?
My wrestling style is high flying and fast. My finishing move is a moonsault and as far as I know, I could be wrong,but I am the only girl I know of that does a moonsault and I'm working on other moves to do off the top rope.

Mainstream Wrestling in the USA. In my eyes the TNA puts more on wrestling and the WWE more
on the look of the female worker.In your opinion, how far do good looks get a female in
this industry?
Don't get me wrong good looks help, but if you can't work a match and get the crowd going no one is going to want you back. Also if your just working because of your looks you will not be respected by the other wrestlers.


By the way TNA on some photos you look a little bit like the WCW /TNA Knockout Daffney. Is
your style inspired by her?
No my style is not inspired by her. I respect who she is and what she has done for the business, but my style is my own.

On Facebook i saw that are some girls who crossed your way more then one time.What can you
say about Venus?
Me and her have crossed paths many times in our careers and she is a good wrestler. But any opponent I get I will do my best to get the upper hand and win my match. We have both beaten each other but we will see who will win for AIW at Girls Night Out.

When you look in the future is there anything you want to do in wrestling or a match you
are dreaming for?
My dream is not to go to TNA or WWE, my dream is to travel the world and wrestle. My big dream is to go to Japan and wrestle. Other countrys i would love to wrestle in is Australia, Europe and Mexico.

You work for some Hardcore Companys in the USA and told me in front of the interview that
you do deathmatches. What does you inspired you wrestle the hardcore style?
That one is easy, Mad Man Pondo had always been my favorite wrestler and he does deathmatches. I love to do things not many people would do especially girls, and not many girls do deathmatches and land in a bed wrapped in barbed wire and light tubes. I enjoy being different and deathmatches help me with that.


You meet some Hardcore Icons like Tommy Dreamer... who is your wrestling idol?
My wrestling idols are Mad Man Pondo, Luna Vachon, Sara Del Ray, Rob Van Dam, and Jazz.

Here in europe some womens wrestling companys. Would you love to work for EVE or UK
Womens Wrestling or WILD?
I would love to work for companys in Europe, they can contact me any time at crazymarydobson@hotmail.com

When a booker or company wants you,where can they contact you and why should they book you?
contact me at crazymarydobson@hotmail.com. They should book me because I'm a hard worker and I do what I am told. Book me and I would be more then happy to show you why you want to have me there.

Also the promotor should know they can book you together with the former CZW Iron Man
Champion and hardcore star Mad Man Pondo,right?
That is right! Me and Pondo are dating and living together so we travel together, and we make a great team.


Wrestler on the road have many times funny storys of this time.Do you have a funny one
which you could share with us?
Pondo ran a show in Charlestown Indiana, and we wrestled 4 guys and one of the guys was easily over 400 pounds. Well my big thing for the match was I was going to moonsault this man. Well the match went on and it was my time to shine, Pondo got the man down but he was to far away from the ropes for me to hit my move. I told Pondo and when he tried to move this 400 pound man it wasn't happening. But since it was mid-match we had to get that moonsault done so I went for it. Since he was to far away my knees hit him and since he was 400 pounds i bounced off him and took a face plant on the bottom rope. Now this 400 pound guy tells me he wants me to moonsault him again......i refuse now.

When your career has run its course, what do you want to be remembered for the most?
I want to be remembered as a girl wrestler who could handle herself with the guys. And who made a impact on the wrestling business while traveling the world.

And what do you when you not stands in the ring?
I hang with Pondo and we watch horror movies together. We even have a horror movie internet/radio show for the insane clown posse called Mad Man Pondo's Horror Movie Massacre . We do it once a month and its such a great time. Also when I'm not in the ring I am watching other people wrestle and learning from them, I love to learn more about my sport.

At the last something to say to your fans ?
If I had anything to say for my fans it would be thank you! I would be nothing if it wasn't for the fans. I don't understand people who won't stop and sign an autograph or take time to take a picture. I love my fans and I will always do my best to keep them proud of what I do and keep there respect. And I hope if your not a fan but your reading this that I make you a fan, I haven't made the kind of mark I want on the wrestling business at all, I still have sooo much more to do. So keep on checking up on me, because i haven't even gotten started.

Wrestlingjunkies.de - Wrestling is our Drug!!!!

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by Advertising » 29.04.2012, 07:38


Re: Interview with Crazy Mary Dobson

Postby Mankind » 29.04.2012, 09:40

Davon gibts nur wenige Frauen die diesen Weg gehen. Respekt.

Das 4te Bild ist heavy.

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Re: Interview with Crazy Mary Dobson

Postby Mr Anderson » 29.04.2012, 13:15


Both in germany will be great

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Re: Interview with Crazy Mary Dobson

Postby EasyE81 » 29.04.2012, 22:03

I think she is one of the first wrestlers (from interviews here on wrestlingjunkies.de) who don`t have the goal to get into TNA or WWE. Wow :D
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Re: Interview with Crazy Mary Dobson

Postby NewWorldOrder » 07.05.2012, 13:58

Where can i found Mad Man Pondo's Horror Movie Massacre?

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Re: Interview with Crazy Mary Dobson

Postby CatchVampGirl » 15.05.2012, 12:58

Like the hardcore style. [i_like_it][/i_like_it]
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