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Interview with LONDON INC - Jet Logan & D.K.J.

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Interview with LONDON INC - Jet Logan & D.K.J.

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 18.05.2012, 19:49

Hello Wrestlingjunkies.de Fans. Today we have two guests from the UK please welcome Jet Logan & D.K.J better known as London inc.

(D.K.J) Before we get started when you spell INC as it pertains to London INC. The INC is spelt with capital letters. Get it right or YOU WILL get stamped and “INC’d”

First of all, it is a pleasure for Wrestlingjunkies.de, to do this Interview and we thank you both for this opportunity. How are you doing?

(JL) The pleasure is all yours Bernd, and we'll be much better once this interview is over, but thanks for asking.


Can you tell our readers more about your first steps into the wrestling business,what was the reason you wanna be a pro wrestler D.K.J.?

I started watching wrestling when I was really young up until the “cartoon era” of the WWF when it was not so cool to be a wrestling fan. I fell out of watching wrestling for about 4 or 5 years but tried to keep up with what was going on. Like most kids in school we would wrestle at lunchtime and do moves on one another in the hall ways. In the middle of the “attitude era” I picked it up again watching wrestlers like Triple h, The Rock, Stone Cold and such in the ring. After a couple of years watching I couldn't hold down the burning desire and passion that made me want to go from watching wrestling to actually doing it, so I found a school and started to train.

And your reason Jet Logan?

I originally wanted to be a promoter and started to attend FWA shows back in 2002, in order to make contacts, so I could do just that.
After about 7 months of attending their shows, I bore witness to a match between two of my favourite wrestlers at the time, Flash Barker and Low Ki, at the FWA/ROH Frontiers of Honor show.
When the bell rang, there was a crackle of electricity in the air, and when I felt it all plans of being behind the scenes went out of the window, and I knew from that moment that I had to become a wrestler and create that same buzz, for myself and the audiences that I would be wrestling in front of

Your coaches in wrestling and your first time in training?

(JL) We were both initially trained by the Legendary Tony Scarlo, and actually started training on the very same day! We clicked instantly and decided on that day to become a tag team, but as fate would have it we didn't actually start teaming until nearly 6 years later. Training was a lot harder then I expected, and I was sore for 4 days afterwards but I went back the following week and I'm still involved in the business nearly 9 years later, so it must have been enjoyable on some level too.

(D.K.J) You was sore for the first 4 days after?? So was I (*laugh*) like Jet says we didn't start to actually team together until 6 years later. Over that course of time we have also been trained by British legend and F.W.A head trainer Justin Richards and also The Knight dynasty who have recently seen their daughter been signed to WWE’s developmental system FCW.

Do you remember your first match and what was it like to wrestle in front of an live crowd for the first time?

(JL) I remember it like it was yesterday. It was VS a Columbian wrestler by the name of Jorge Castano, on the 24th of September 2005. I was really nervous before that match, and even though I didn't win that match, I had fun and learnt a lot from the mistakes that cost me victory that night.

(D.K.J) I will never forget mine either. I had to fill in for another wrestler against Martin Stone who now has wrestled in most parts of the globe. I tapped out to a Fujiwara armbar, I'm not ashamed to say, BUT! BUT! Remember I was FILLING IN for someone else and took that match unprepared but it wasn't a bad match by any accounts.


D.K.J. what means the three signs DKJ? is there a story behind?

I could tell you the story behind it, …….But then I would have to kill you afterwards. No I'm only kidding, …….But am I?? (*laugh*) D.K.J are the initials that make up my name.

What would you say was your hardest match or one of this in your time in wrestling?

(JL) I'd probably say the first match we had VS the Norwegian tag team, the Rainmakers (Aron Frost and Victor Dale). Ability wise, we were so evenly matched with them and we battled it out all of the venue. I'd love to face those two again sometime soon.

(D.K.J) I would defiantly say it was against the Rainmakers that match IS what tag team wrestling is all about. Lucky for you that epic battle can be seen on TheLondonINC channel on YouTube.

How would you describe your wrestling style as Tag Team?

(JL) We both have a technical and submission based style, so will look to slow our opponents down, pick a body part and go after it, like shark that smells blood, kind of like a new age version of the Minnesota Wreaking Crew but we are also very charismatic and vocal and love to rile the audience up while we're beating the crap out of their local heroes. We also can brawl, and keep up with faster teams when required but as I said we like to slow them down and punish them.

(D.K.J) He’s the stretcher and I'm the smasher


You are known as Tag Team London INC but you are not alone. Who is also a part of the group? 
(JL) We are occasionally partnered by the absolute force of nature that is The Female Predator AMAZON! 
She is currently one half of the PWF (Premier Wrestling Federation) tag team champions and the SWF (Solent Wrestling Federation) Ladies champion, and has spent most of her career having absolute wars with Sweet Saraya, and her daughter, the artist formerly known as Britani Knight, current FCW anti-diva, Paige.
 AMAZON! also recently had the match of the night, and early match of the year contender, contest vs one of your former guest, the Fighting Irish, Rhia, oh really?, O'Reilly, at WAWW (World Association Of Women Wrestling)'s Bellatrix show


London INC mostly wrestle for the W.A.W. but also HEW and ASW,but i think WAW is a place like home,right?
 (JL) That's right Bernd, but main reason we are doing this interview is to let all of your readers and the promoters of Europe know that we are available and will soon be coming to a venue near you and when we do we'll be quick to add the tag team titles of that promotion, to the WAW tag team championships that we currently hold, and wreak havoc, like only we can, LONDON STYLE!!

When a booker or company wants you,where can they contact you and why should they book you?

(JL) They can contact us at http://www.facebook.com/LondonINC or go through our website http://londoninchq.blogspot.co.uk/.
And as to why they should book us, simply put we are the most talented tag team in Europe today and we will give ANY tag team a run for their money, any day of the week, and we will create an atmosphere at your shows that you have never experienced before

(D.K.J) As Jet said earlier, although we have been tagging for 3 and a half years we have actually trained together for nearly 10 years now. We know each other inside and out. I SERIOUSLY doubt there are many teams that have been together as long as we have.

Wrestlers on the road have many times funny stories of this time.
Do you have a funny one which you could share with us?

(JL)We have many funny stories of our time on the road, but none of which we can share. You'll have to wait for the book or the shoot interview (whichever comes first) to find out what they are.

(D.K.J) TRUST US it will be worth the money

When your career has run its course, what do you want to be remembered for the most?

(JL) I want to be remembered as one half of the greatest tag team that Europe has ever produced and also one of the best wrestlers that the UK has ever produced.

(D.K.J) The same and I will leave NO doubt as to why I AM The Wrestler’s Wrestler D.K.J


And what do you do when you not stands in the ring?

(JL) Plot ways to stretch our opponents with submission manoeuvres and ways to annoy the audience.
(D.K.J) Then after that the 3 of us strategize how we are going to spread the INC over the wrestling world

Do you want to say something to the Wrestlingjunkies.de fans?
Thank you for reading this (or having the only person in your village that has the ability to read above the level of a 5 year old, read it to you), check out our website and Facebook pages and getready to have your world rocked by the best tag team around, who proudly represent the greatest city in the world, LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDAANN!!

Amazon Pic´s Theard 95078239nx11307/between-divas-and-knockouts--pictures-and-videos-f371/amazon-pics-thread-t10471.html

LONDON INc & Amazon Videos THREAD: 95078239nx11307/wrestling-history-and-more-f182/london-inc-youtube-videos-thread-t10472.html
Wrestlingjunkies.de - Wrestling is our Drug!!!!

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by Advertising » 18.05.2012, 19:49


Re: Interview with LONDON INC - Jet Logan & D.K.J.

Postby Londonstyle » 19.05.2012, 06:25


Re: Interview with LONDON INC - Jet Logan & D.K.J.

Postby European Assault » 19.05.2012, 12:16

European Assault
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Re: Interview with LONDON INC - Jet Logan & D.K.J.

Postby London Underground Warrior » 19.05.2012, 20:29

Yeah kill the german guy :-D

Joke ;-) haha
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Re: Interview with LONDON INC - Jet Logan & D.K.J.

Postby Jumper » 20.05.2012, 17:08

Bring the guys to germany. We need new Tag Teams in the Companys for new feuds.

THX for the Interview :big_applaus
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