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Interview with Ragnar the Icelander

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Interview with Ragnar the Icelander

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 29.01.2012, 09:34

Can you please tell the fans here in germany and all over the world who you are?

Hi !! Thx for the interest. I’m Ragnar, French pro wrestler and a Iceland’s fan !! My weight is 102 kgs (224 lbs) and my height is 1m88 (6’2). I began wrestling on January of 2009. This day, I met my wife, Eloanne. We created a promotion on April 2011, the Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling. We want highlight the best French pro Wrestler.


How do you come to the decision to be a Pro wrestler?

I like the wrestling since my 7 years, I discovered this sport with Hulk Hogan and Sting in WCW then more seriously with The Rock, Stone Cold and Triple H. The 24th december of 2008, I discovered a school of wrestling in my town and I joined it.

Coaches in Wrestling ?

During 2009 and 2010 I was training at EWL, and since 2011 I have been trained by Nicolas Villaume. On February I will follow a training seminar at the Tigers Pro Wrestling directed by White Storm and on July at APC with Sangre Azteca and Nitro, two of the CMLL wrestler.

Your InRing Name Ragnar is there a story behind that? On Myspace i think i saw the name Icelander Ragnar.

Yes, my real name is Ragnar but when I begun at the EWL, I couldn’t use this name because the trainer thought it was too short … He had chosen Colossus Ragnar but I didn’t like it. Ragnar “the Icelander” was chosen for satisfy their exigency.

When you get inside the Ring what is your Favorite Rule,Heel or Face?And why?

My favorite rule is difinetly heel … because I just do not look like nice.

Is WWE or TNA in the USA an Aim for you? And which Promotion is your Favorite?

I don’t pretend to go to the WWE or TNA. I think it’s not required to go to the U.S. to succeed in wrestling. There are some very good promotions in Europe such as the WXW (Germany), 1PW (England) etc … Otherwise, my favorite promotion is Dragon Gate USA and the Ring of Honor.


By the way Companys,your are also one of the heads of Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling. What can you tell us about this company? For the fans,you can find the homepage of Fighters Revenge right here http://www.fightersrevengeprowrestling.com

This company want highlight the best French pro Wrestler. I would like to try to raise the profile of french wrestling. There are too many promotions who do anything and deteriorating wrestling with the French public. Too much wrestlers without professional attitude or who wrestle with a jogging and sport shoes basic they call themselves “professional wrestler”. I think that must stop.

Can you tell us something about the next Fighters Revenge Event ?

The next event is on February the 11th, next to Bordeaux (France). Two wrestlers will come for the first time in Bordeaux, one from Paris and the other from Marseille ! We collaborate on this show with CCB, French promotion, style “old school”. For the first time in france, a young promotion and one confirmed will work together for poduction of a show. It will be a great experience for all of us.


On some photos i saw you with a belt,you are the former EWL Champion,thats right?

Yes I was European champion. I won it on a scramble match. I decided to quit the EWL and left my title because I no longer felt in my place there. I had no other title.


When you look in the future is there anything you want to do in wrestling or a match you are dreaming for?

I would like the Fighters Revenge continues to grow. More personally I want to continue to turn in France, improve my skills, work again and again and why not try my luck in Belgium or Germany.

And when you look at your time in Wrestling what was your personal highlight inside the ring?

I would say my first fight and in the first show of the Fighters Revenge. At the launch of the show I was extremely excited, feeling very strange. It was the achievement of so many hours of work.


Where do you wrestle now?

Now I wrestle for the Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling, APC, Lucha Libre, CCB, AYA (French promotion). I have also some contact in Belgium.

Smartmarks still all over the world.How do you feel about the very critical smartmarks? Do they damage the business?

I think it's easy to criticize, especially when you never been into a ring ... I accept critics, but it must be founded. Few people can do what we do but everyone can criticize ...

And what do you when you not stands in the ring?

A lot of sport like lift weights or cardio training ... many forget that, be a wrestler is not just to stand into a ring with a beautiful outfit.

At the last something to say to your fans ?

Thank you to all those who follow me and support me, it's heartwarming to feel that his work is appreciated, so thank you very much. And a big thank you to you Bernd ;)

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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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by Advertising » 29.01.2012, 09:34


Re: Interview with Ragnar the Icelander

Postby NewWorldOrder » 29.01.2012, 11:09

Merci :big_applaus

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Re: Interview with Ragnar the Icelander

Postby VilleValo » 29.01.2012, 15:52

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Re: Interview with Ragnar the Icelander

Postby EasyE81 » 30.01.2012, 22:28

Wow, respect for the courage to create your own promotion. Think it is a lot of hard work to do this.
Good luck for your promotion. :D
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Re: Interview with Ragnar the Icelander

Postby BeonFire » 03.02.2012, 21:54

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