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Interview with the "FAMOUS" Louis van Eden

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Interview with the "FAMOUS" Louis van Eden

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 23.12.2012, 09:06

Hello Wrestlingjunkies,
today my guest comes from the netherlands.
Thank you Louis van Eden that you be my guest today.
How are you Louis?

I am doing good, thank you for asking!

Please tell the fans who is "Famous" Louis van Eden?.

I am from the Netherlands, trained by Bas van Kunder. I started training in 1999 at the age of 29 and from there things went fast.
Together with the FCW crew we went all over Europe


What was it like to be in the ring as a wrestler, for the first time? Was it exciting or
was it hard for you to wrestle in front of a live crowd?And where was it?

The first time it was the wrestling that made it difficult. Working for the crowd was not new for me.
Before the wrestling started I did a lot of television commercials and plays in the theatre.
Finding the right pace, wrestling an opponent, was a lot harder.

You wrestled many years and won the FCW and DWA Tag Team title´s and the FCW European
Championship. What does you feel when you win the match and get a New Title in your hands?

The tag team titles were awesome to win, The DWA title together with Mot van Kunder was special because it was also an recognition from the fans.
Especially because these organisations are great to work for! I also ones defended the WXW titles with Mot van Kunder, we lost against Swiss Money Holding.
One of the best Tag Teams I wrestled and again a great Organisation which gives me a lot of great memories.

Becoming the European Title was harder to "get" for me because I finished and won the match it with a black out.
So I don't remember that much!

Though, being the FCW European Title its in the Organisation which it all started with.

Fun fact, I never lost that title.

When you get inside the ring what is your favorite :Heel or Face and why this?

I am always a face.

Why? Look at me! I am always smiling and making fun with the crowd.

Though being a heel could be fun too, but that will never happen. I am too much of a crowd pleaser.

What will you say was your personal highlight in Wrestling?

Well thats funny, because that highlight is not about me.
Some people may know and some don't but I introduced Emil Sitoci to the FCW.
When he found out about me and the FCW I took him every weekend for a couple of years to the FCW training.
Emil was 15 when it all started for him at FCW and now many years later he is standing in a WWE ring.
You can imagine what that did to me. Sometimes dreams come true even when someone else is living that dream!

You were a part of the Tag Team G-Spot together with Mot van Kunder. How does it comes to
the Tag team?

I still am, but wrestling is only occasionally and ones maybe twice a year.
Like next year for the Legend Wrestling Tour and this year for Yawara Wrestling in Kiel.
Mot and I were love at first sight.
Though an age difference of 10 years we think do and act the same.
Becoming a tag team was unavoidable.

I sometimes wish I was younger and without heart problems. We could have done a lot more damage as G-spot


Some Years ago you retired from wrestling,why?

In 2007 I got a serious heart problem.
Not something you see coming especially when nobody in my family has a heart decease and you don't drink or smoke.
I am real lucky to be around, my main vein to my heart was closed for more then 95 %.

The first time I sort off collapsed I thought it was a injury from the last match I had in the previous weekend.
The next day I had to do a show in Groningen, I went and won the match, again I don't know how.
My heart is fine it didn't need any major surgery, they placed a stent which kept me alive but ended my active wrestling

The last year you took a time off and travel in south america.Can you share some words
with us about this time?

Yes I sure can. When a lot of things happen in a short time of years.
Think of my heartproblems , getting married and divorced, being layed off from work, and the passing away of my mother in 2010.
Life becomes... lets say interesting.
Mot van Kunder A.K.A Tom Jussen already went to South America and asked me 4 weeks before he went if I wanted to join him.

Well thats question is answered.

The thing was he was going to Antarctica, and about 10 years ago I had that plan too and already gathered information about that trip from someone who already had been there.

It was easy for me to decide.

Nothing else is more awesome being on that continent with Christmas and take a dip in the arctic waters together with you best wrestling and travel buddy.


This year a voting brings Mot and yourself on the Wrestling Legends Tour 2013 Card.what do
you say about that the fans in Germany wants to see G Spot more then other teams like
Beating R´us or DNS Evolution?

What an honor it was when the promotor contacted us and told us the peoples choise!
Every fan that voted for us will be hugged by G-spot on that show.
Line up please!

The German fans are the reason I am on the European Wrestling map!
Words cannot describe how thankful I am.

These German fans are the greatest, even with so less active wrestling on my side they always are nice to me.
I just love being around them.

And what is the person behind Louis van Eden doing when you notstand in the ring?

When I came back from almost 6 months of traveling I had no job or a house.
In a couple of weeks I had a house as big as a museum. ( its a museum:)
Also a new job was found fast.\
I became a assistent teacher on a school for kids who need some extra attention.

Something I love to do.

Besides that I started to play tennis with my twin brother...yes...there is a second famous guy like me.
A former Dutch Gymnastic Champion.

And I became a wrestling fan again. Its really exciting these days. I see young guys travel to Japan and other places in the world.
Guys I wrestled or guys I saw working their asses of like building Rings and putting together a show.
Because you only deserve a spot on a show when you put in all your effort.

Look at Antonio Cesaro in the WWE, he and I locked up on several occasions.
Imagine the proud feeling I have.

And now we have Sitoci and who to follow to represent the European Wrestling scene.
This must wake up some guys that there is lots off possibility to become a future star!
Is there a regret in this story? No way!
I accomplished a lot and made lots of friends and fans.
I would do it all over again.

In closing, something to say to your fans now some days before X-Mas?

Enjoy the wrestling in Europe. We are lucky to have such a big line up with such great talents.

On a personal note!

Grasp life, its shorter then one can imagine.
Learn from your mistakes and smile in the face of adversity.
When you do that, little things are much more enjoyable and life will be a lot easier.

I love christmas and new years eve, it gives pleasure and hope for new things.
And I just love my Disney Christmas tree!! :)

So for everybody great great christmas days and an awesome 2013
Thanks for having me doing this interview!

Then i say Thank you Louis and hope we see us at the Wrestling Legends Tour 2013 but not
for the One Last Time ;-)

Don't Worry, I'll be around whenever possible.

Wrestlingjunkies.de - Wrestling is our Drug!!!!

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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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by Advertising » 23.12.2012, 09:06


Re: Interview with the "FAMOUS" Louis van Eden

Postby Whosnext » 23.12.2012, 09:16

CHANT: G-Spot :big_applaus G-Spot :big_applaus G-Spot :big_applaus
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Re: Interview with the "FAMOUS" Louis van Eden

Postby vicki33 » 23.12.2012, 10:57

cant wait to see in February again :) Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013!!! Thank you for the nice interview Bernd and Louis!!! Well done :)
"Next time you wave to me, use all your fingers!"

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Re: Interview with the "FAMOUS" Louis van Eden

Postby German Supporter » 23.12.2012, 21:44

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Re: Interview with the "FAMOUS" Louis van Eden

Postby MastermindMaik » 06.01.2013, 16:35

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