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Interview with the Young Bastard Ryan Myatt

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Interview with the Young Bastard Ryan Myatt

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 15.01.2012, 18:15

Can you please tell the fans who you are?
Ryan Ashley Myatt

Ryan ,how do you come to the decision to be a Pro wrestler?
Ever since i first got in a wrestling ring with my old man and he knocked me from corner to corner and left me bruised and in pain for days after,with fans cheering or booing for you,

Who are your inspirations in wrestling?
jonny saint, William regal, dynamite kid ,keith myatt, jonny kidd


Coaches in Wrestling? I think Keith is one of them ,right?
yeah and certainly the strictest,i feel i learn alot off diffrent wrestlers i work with,i was lucky to of learn off some of the best wrestlers
in the uk/usa, such as gangrel,robbie brookside, and Martin kirby

I had the pleasure to meet Keith here in Germany,what can you say us about the "Old Bastard"?
he's definantly an inspirational character in my wrestling careea, and also a good laugh on the road with all the old wrestling storys along the way, and wrestling is the only thing that we can do together, cause the huge intrest we have in it


By the way,Bastard, you also called the Young Bastard.Is it your dream to step into the footstep of Keith or would you make
your own steps in history?
would love to acheive what my old man has done in his careea, definantly carry the myatt legacy on and hopefully make it to new hights that my old man has not done


When you get inside the Ring what is your Favorite Rule,Heel or Face?And why?
Heel for sure, theres nothing like going out of them curtains and trying to get a reaction out of the crowd,
and get the to really hate you so you know you have done a good job at the end of the night whem your hated

Is WWE or TNA in the USA an Aim for you? And which Promotion is your Favorite?
Its something im looking towards, for now i just want to travel as many countries i can to get exspeirence as a wrestler, then larn my trade in diffrent countries

When you look in the future is there anything you want to do in wrestling or a match you are dreaming for?Maybe a Tag Team
Match together with Keith against an other father/son Team?
Well at the moment we have started tagging with each over as The Myatt Legacy, which is alot of fun, i would love to have a chance to wrestler william regal because hes such a elagant wrestler

And when you look at your time in Wrestling what was your personal highlight inside the ring?
i have many but my best was wrestling in an old famous wrestling venue in england called blackpool tower,where theres been wrestling for over 40years

On your Facebook i can see that people who inspire you is Mohamed Ali? Why Ali?
because he was his own man, and he knew how good he was and how good he could be,and the sheer smartness of ali was nothing ive seen before


Where do you wrestle now?
up and down the roads of britain,traveling

Wrestler on the road have many times funny storys of this time.Do you have a funny one for us who you could share with us?
i have but none that i could say unfortunatly, the wrestler it was would never speak to me againh haha

And what do the man behind Ryan Myatt the Wrestler when you not stands in the ring?
well i play football for my supported club port vale,keeping in shape in the gym and genrally what every young man does

At the last something to say to your fans ?
,showing you what the myatt legacy is all about

Thank you being my guest and i hope we see you sometimes in a german ring
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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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Admin + WJ ARMY General
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by Advertising » 15.01.2012, 18:15


Re: Interview with the Young Bastard Ryan Myatt

Postby EasyE81 » 15.01.2012, 21:15

Ist immer schön zu lesen, wenn die Begeisterung für Wrestling in der Familie weitergegeben wird. Cooles Interview!! :big_applaus
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WJ ARMY 1st Lt.
WJ ARMY 1st Lt.
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Re: Interview with the Young Bastard Ryan Myatt

Postby picard » 18.01.2012, 15:54

Thank you for the Interview and we hope to see the Myatt Legacy here in Germany.
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tWo Top User
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Re: Interview with the Young Bastard Ryan Myatt

Postby Desmond Wolfe » 19.01.2012, 17:37

Thanks Ryan :big_applaus
Desmond Wolfe
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Re: Interview with the Young Bastard Ryan Myatt

Postby Dogface » 26.01.2012, 19:10

second generation wrestler. cool and cool gimmick with the bastards. :big_applaus
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