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Jezabeth Interview 12 Months later

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Jezabeth Interview 12 Months later

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 10.07.2011, 07:27

Hello Jezabeth, thank you that you come back for another little interview.

The pleasure is all yours :)


Our last interview is one year ago. How was the last 12 months for yourself in wrestling?

It has been amazing; I have wrestled against many more opponents such as Brookii, Pro-Wrestling EVE star Rhia O’Reilly and teamed with the likes of Pollyanna and Ernest Sterling and as well as them I have once again met in the ring with Colleen Masters and Suzi Wild since the last interview I did.


When you look at the last months and your opponents, how was your hardest match?

The hardest match I would say would probably be the Triple Threat match I had at Mottingham against Colleen Masters and Brookii – with there being 2 girls whom I had to pin made it a whole lot harder but as usual I gained another victory. As well as beating them was hard I had little kids in my ear constantly screaming ‘Scary Mary’ haha J

You still in training at the Dropkixx Wrestling school thats right?

And yes I am J People say that of ‘Home is where the Heart is’ and Dropkixx is definitely like my home; everyone at Dropkixx is so lovely and friendly – like one big family!

One of the students of the academy is now living the dream. Wade Barett. Do you still
watch him at WWE?

I still watch him on WWE yes, he has accomplished so much and It’s really cool that my trainer Jon Ritchie trained him – hopefully one day I’ll achieve my dreams of getting to the WWE like Wade


After one year more Training, more matches and more experience what will you now say brings
your future in wrestling?

Hopefully I’ll have more matches within England and meet more wrestlers who wrestle upon the circuit and then maybe I’ll get a chance to wrestle in places like Germany, France and Spain and then hopefully I’ll gain enough experience and knowledge to be able to fly out to America and give the big leagues a try J

In your first interview with wrestlingjunkies you told me that one of your fave female
wrestler is Lita, now after Chyna´s little Coemback in TNA it looks like Lita will also comeback
in Wrestling. What do you think about this desicion?.

It’ll be awesome if she did but if she didn’t want to; I’d totally respect her decision. I would love to see one more match from her though

You wrestle mostly for Dropkixx,do you know who will be your next opponent?

I’m not sure at this very moment but when I find out – I’ll let you know.

At the last you can say some words to your fans.

Stay being Jezzaheads :P J

Thank you Jezabeth for the second interview and good luck for the future.

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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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Admin + WJ ARMY General
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by Advertising » 10.07.2011, 07:27


Re: Jezabeth Interview 12 Months later

Postby Old School » 10.07.2011, 08:56

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Old School
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Re: Jezabeth Interview 12 Months later

Postby TheChoosenOne » 10.07.2011, 14:47

[i_like_it][/i_like_it] Good Interview.
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Re: Jezabeth Interview 12 Months later

Postby EasyE81 » 10.07.2011, 20:56

Wow it is crazy how small the world is. Wade Barrett was training at the same Wrestling school like her. Seems to be a very good one :D
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