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Queen Maya - The Royal Interview with the Queen

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Queen Maya - The Royal Interview with the Queen

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 10.04.2013, 12:07

Hello Wrestlingjunkies.de Fans.
Today we have a guest from Lodi, Italy.
She is the former 5 Time ICW Women´s Champion,current Bellatrix European Champion and former SPW Swiss Women's Champion..
Please welcome Queen Maya


First of all, it is a pleasure for Wrestlingjunkies.de, to do this Interview and we thank you for this opportunity. How are you doing?

I'm doing great, thanks! I'm actually ready to come back to the ring after a 4-month forced stop after breaking my arm last November. It was a long 4 months, during which I had my arm operated on and a steel plate put in. But now I'm stronger than ever

Can you tell our readers how you got into the wrestling business ?,what was the reason you wanna be a pro wrestler?

I had always been a die-hard wrestling fan. I've always been drawn to this fascinating kind of competition. I just wanted to get more involved in it as just watching it on tv was not enough for me. I got into the business when my brother Emilio Bernocchi (Mr. Excellent), alongside with a few others, started ICW in 2001 (Italian Championship Wrestling, http://www.wrestlingitaliano.it), the first ever pro wrestling promotion in Italy. I worked as a manager first, which gave me invaluable experience and allowed me to get out there live in front of a crowd. That's where I really started to develop my character. When finally a few other girls joined ICW in 2006, we all started training to become wrestlers and I debuted in June 2006 in an all-female battle royal.
My brother gave me my initial training and brought me to the UK to train with the legendary Sweet Saraya Knight in 2010. I fell in love with WAW and I was elated to become a part of the Bellatrix roster. Being a part of Bellatrix (http://wawwuk.com) has given me a platform and fuelled my desire to become the absolute best in this business

Queen Maya is not your real name but is there a story behind your in-ring name?

It's an extension of my personality. In real life, I like to excel and be the best at everything I do. My uncommon height (190 cm) is also easily associated with royal stature, as people would refer to me as "Your Highness" due to how tall I am. That took on a life of its own and I've now become Queen Maya.

Do you remember your first Pro Wrestling match in 2006 and what was it like to wrestle in front of an live crowd for the first time?

It was a huge adrenaline rush. As I mentioned, I'd already been a part of shows as a manager, but to finally be there and physically compete in that ring brought things up on a whole new level. I had to fight hard to win over not only the fans', but my peers' respect as well. But as soon as I started competing, I've known this was what I was meant to do.


With 1.90 metres you are the tallest female wrestler in Europe. Is this more a handicap or an advantage for you?

Definitely an advantage. It helps me get extra leverage on everything I do, both on my strikes, and my submission holds. It also gives me a wider reach. And it makes me stand out, as I'm taller than many male wrestlers as well. I work a lot to keep my agility up, so that I can control and use my size to the best of my ability.

What would you say was your hardest match or one of this in your time in wrestling?

My hardest match was most likely the one where I broke my arm, last November at Bellatrix 4 in Norwich, against Liberty. I tried to continue the match for a full two minutes after the injury, and they were the most gruelling and painful I've ever had. I still remember that injury and how incredibly angry I was, as I was finally forced to walk away from an important match which had been going in my favour. Plus, the injury was pretty bad as my arm had snapped in two (http://goo.gl/wxfgk) and I was forced to have surgery on it a few days later. Doctors put a big metal plate inside to help my recovery. But recently, I've found that out to be a blessing in disguise. My arm is loaded with steel now, which is going to make my elbow and forearm shots that much stronger. I fully intend to take advantage of that on my rematch this coming Sunday, March 24, live on iPPV at Bellatrix 5 (http://www.epic-tv.com/bellatrix-live.html), when I get back in the ring against Liberty for the RQW European Ladies' Championship. Liberty is the ace player of Bellatrix and a very strong competitor, and I will not make the mistake of taking her lightly ever again. Instead, I will go straight for the knockout, and make her taste my royal revenge!

You wrestle since 12 years in many countries outside from Italy like Finland, UK, USA. How was the experience for you?

Getting to travel the world is one of the most rewarding aspect of pro wrestling. I've managed to visit many countries and places I'd never have had the opportunity to travel to if it hadn't been for wrestling. I've even wrestled in the Indian Ocean, in La Réunion island, close to Madagascar, in 2008. On that tour, I got to work several matches with Canadian/American legend Allison Danger, another lady who had a long lasting influence on my career and who motivated me to get to the next level. I hope to visit many more countries and fight in different styles against the very best ladies' wrestlers in the world.

Which country you would love to visit next?

Japan has always been a top goal of mine. I'm a longtime student of the puroresu strong style and I would love to put my own style to the test there. Japan is full of so many top wrestlers and hard working companies. I'd really like to prove my mettle with the best of them one day, like Hayako Hamada, Manami Toyota, Kana, Meiko Satomura, and so many others. I also definitely plan on going back to the U.S. soon.

In your time in wrestling there is one name who crossed your way many many times, Lisa Schianto. What can you say about her and your feud?

Lisa is a formidable opponent, very quick and tenacious, with a never-say-die attitude. We've had some very competitive matches over the year, fightng for the ICW Women's Championship. We really brought the best out of each other. She's temporarily retired for now but I've no doubt that when she comes back, our rivalry will pick up right from where we left off. I really hope to get to wrestle her again in the future.

When a booker or company will book you where can they contact you?

They can do so by messaging me on either my Facebook or Twitter page: http://www.facebook.com/QueenMayaOfficial and https://twitter.com/QueenMaya_ICW .

When your career has run its course, what do you want to be remembered for the most?

I'd like to be remembered for my in-ring work, for my unique style, my personality, and mostly, for how I've been able to entertain the fans. I want them to remember the emotions they felt when they saw me in action, whether they were cheering for me or booing me. Which unexplicably seems to be the case most of the time, I can't really fathom why they would boo the Queen of Europe!

And what do you when you are not standing in the ring?

The Queen is always very busy in her wrestling kingdom. I'm involved in pro wrestling on many different levels, as I do lots of promotional work for my home promotion ICW. I also train a lot both in the gym, and in the wrestling ring. There's no day off for the Queen! But in my spare time, I like to listen to Italian classical music, and enjoy high-end Italian cuisine!

Is there something that you want to tell our readers from Wrestlingjunkies.de?

Yes, make sure you keep supporting independent women's wrestling whenever you can. And keep following me, as I'm ready to take Europe by storm!

If you want to keep up with what's happening in Queen Maya's realm, head over to my Facebook and Twitter pages: http://www.facebook.com/QueenMayaOfficial and https://twitter.com/QueenMaya_ICW , and my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/queenmayawrestling.

Wrestlingjunkies.de - Wrestling is our Drug!!!!

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Re: Queen Maya - The Royal Interview with the Queen

Postby NewWorldOrder » 14.04.2013, 09:05

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