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Rob Cage - Interview with the youngest Legend

Interviews with Wrestlingstars

Rob Cage - Interview with the youngest Legend

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 24.12.2011, 10:18

Today we have the Cagemania back here as guest.
Welcome Back Rob Cage.

Rob , the last Interview is just 9 months ago. What have you done the last months?
In the last 9 months I have had the pleasure of wrestling up and down the UK regularly, as well as a number of trips to Germany, including working for promotions like PWF against Michael Knight.
I have also had some great opponents in the UK

You still here in Germany AWM X Limits Champion and myself must count the three count in your
Match against Mad Alexx.The Second time our ways crossed but not the last time :-) Do you have an
dream opponet here in germany for the next championshipmatch?

I would love to work with Murat Bosporous - we exchanged strong words at the last show, but he is a great entertainer, and I think it would be interesting indeed!

Some days ago you defeat your EPW Jr. Titel in a No Conest match against Da mack. You wanna
I wrestled Da Mack earlier in the year and it was good fun - it was a shame this time it ended the way it did.
And it was also not as fast as we could have gone as I have a leg injury that I worked through.
A rematch? I think it needs to be done :)

In the UK you wrestle many times in many promotions. What would you say was the highlight the last 9
I have wrestled for a number of promotions in the UK, have been very busy with travelling and meeting new and old people.
I like to think every show hosts highlights.
I really enjoyed a 6 man ladder match for SWE in Dundee, Scotland. Working with guys like EG Mackie and Bingo Ballance allows me to show off different styles.
Also every trip to ICW in Glasgow is a highlight. It's crazy and one of my favourite places to work in Europe.

Also I have to say joining the Lucha Britannia team is a highlight - a completely new style and experience!

Lucha Libre Wrestling in the UK, What can you say about that?
Lucha Britannia is the ONLY Lucha promotion that puts shows on continuously throughout the year. I keep my fitness up to scratch with the intense workouts at the training school and enjoy the atmosphere.
The impact it is having on the UK is rapidly building up and will be making an even bigger impact across the nation in 2012. The roster consists of guys like Bradford W. Bush, Metallico, Santeria, Necrosis and more, all of which are some of the most bizarre yet entertaining SUPERSTARS in the world. And The Fabulous Bakewell Boys, Jerry and Steakley Bakewell are pretty good, too ;)


http://Www.LuchaBritannia.com for more details.

In some weeks the Final Legends Tour in germany under Christian Städter will be come. will the
Cagemania also be a part there?

Being apart of the Legend Tour is a genuine thrill. Each and every year I love the atmosphere and I guarantee the Cageamaniacs will indeed fall in love with "The Youngest Legend".

I have also heard Los Conquistadors will be there, I am looking forward to watching them!!

Back in the UK,UKWE post at the first november:
UK Wrestling & WILD (World Independant Ladies' Division) Wrestling are proud to announce the new
working relationship.
UK Wrestling are an Official affiliate of WILD Wrestling and will host the WILD European
Championship Tournament to crown the first European Champion.
I know that you are a part of this company,do you know what we will see next there?

Well the women of the UK are some of the best in the world, so adding the Americans to the mix we could see a number of dream matches.
With Pro Wrestling: Eve and WAWW being top female promotions it will be good to see how UKW approaches the female market, but also it potentially opens up cross overs, inter promotional opportunities and a whole host of chances for folks.

What countries would you like to visit next? Mexico? Japan? USA?
Working in Mexico would be a dream, and I would love to see my friends The Fabulous Bakewell Boys visit DDT in Japan.
I have plans for 2012 - plans can always change but I have ideas that I would like to become more than that.

Smartmarks still all over the world.How do you feel about the very critical smartmarks? Do they
damage the business?
Meh. There is wrestling still happening every night, everywhere. So no. They sometimes influence promotions, but hey it is no different to ratings on TV shows - the more people want to see something the more it gets noticed and something gets done about it. The only difference is these guys and girls have watched Beyond the Mat five times and sit playing computer games and then act out the move on their teddy bears.

With regards to being "smart"....well to quote Sting (the singer, not the wrestler)
"it takes more than a license for a gun".
(Just so you know, the videos above are PROMOS shot on a phone - just in case anyone thinks they have the business figured out....creativity anyone?)

You wrestled for many promotions in the Uk,Germany.... Do you think there is any promotion, that has
potential to grow up to the big One in Europe?
There are two I think - both have different styles but ICW and Lucha Britannia. Both have great ideas, constantly bring in great audiences, have goals and are doing the right thing.

What will we see next of the Cagemania?
Well I finish 2011 in Aberdeen, Scotland.
2012 will see me featured on TWO British weekly TV Shows, so I reckon a chat show and my own range of cooking sauces won't be far away.
I am going to continue touring through Europe, starting in Poland and Scotland in January before February's tours of Germany and Denmark for the top DPW promotion, before hitting further afield (all in good time, folks!)

At the last you can say some words to your fans in germany and europe.

Don't Stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top!

In all seriousness, doing what I do is made fun by the people who come to the shows, regardless of what mood I am in.

Thank you Rob Cage

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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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Admin + WJ ARMY General
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by Advertising » 24.12.2011, 10:18


Re: Rob Cage - Interview with the youngest Legend

Postby EasyE81 » 24.12.2011, 22:49

Great interview with Rob Cage. :big_applaus
The little videos with The Million Dollar Man and Tatanka are really funny. I didn`t know what I`m gonna watch when I started the clips...so great surprise :mrgreen:
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WJ ARMY 1st Lt.
WJ ARMY 1st Lt.
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Re: Rob Cage - Interview with the youngest Legend

Postby NewWorldOrder » 25.12.2011, 13:06


Love the videos :big_applaus

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WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
WJ ARMY 2nd Lt.
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Re: Rob Cage - Interview with the youngest Legend

Postby Jeff Jarrett » 25.12.2011, 20:07

:big_applaus :big_applaus :big_applaus :big_applaus :big_applaus :big_applaus :big_applaus :big_applaus
It´s me Double J Jeff Jarrett
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Jeff Jarrett
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Re: Rob Cage - Interview with the youngest Legend

Postby BeonFire » 03.02.2012, 21:56

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