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The Dead Angel Interview

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The Dead Angel Interview

Postby Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine » 23.10.2011, 08:16

today my guest comes from France
Please welcome The Dead Angel

Hello Dead Angel, thank you for this interview.

Thanks you to you

Can you please tell the fans who you are?

Hi, well, I’m Dead Angel, a 23 years old French pro wrestler.


How do you come to the decision to be a Pro wrestler?

It was 6 years ago, I had the chance to go to a show in France with Vampiro, and after that I knew that I will do that. It was a kind of revelation.

Sometimes friends and family can not understand the decision, how was about your friends and family?

It was a mix between positive and negative things. My father was proud because I was ready to give my best to do it, my mother was more anxious about that, we had some severe discussions, but finally she supported me when I needed. One thing I’ll never forget was my best friend reaction, you have to know that I consider her like my sister, when we talked about that, she stayed in silence for a minute and said me “You’re my brother, I’m worry about that, I don’t want to see you hurt, but I want to see you happy, so come on and I’ll always be there”

Who were/is your coaches in wrestling?
I train a bit in France before going to Calgary to Train with Lance Storm. The best and honest trainer I had the chance to meet.

When you get inside the Ring what is your Favorite Rule,Heel or Face?And why?

I’m more comfortable as a heel, I love when people are booing me , I can’t explain what I feel when I’m in the ring , it’s something magic.

You use the name and gimmick of the Dead Angel, what can you tell us about them as Wrestler?
I already used the name of Dead Angel when I was working in the gothic scene before using it for wrestling; it’s just me on my extreme . The name describes perfectly my personality, I’m totally paradoxal, well, do you think that an angel can die? They’re supposed to be immortal, right? But I’m an angel and I passed away.. So I’m a Dead Angel ..

Who came up with the idea of that gimmick and how would you describe the Dead Angel?

The fist idea of that gimmick was mine, but I took advices for wrestlers with more experience like Joe E Legend or Pierre Booster Fontaine, for exemple, at the beginning I didn’t wearing make up

When you compare WWE and TNA, are there any big differences? And which Promotion is your Favorite?

To be honest they both have excellent workers, but it’s not the same kind of product.

When you look in the future is there anything you want to do in wrestling or a match you are dreaming for?
Of course, I would like to continue to entertain people, I think it’s the most important in our job. And a match I’m dreaming for… hum, hard to say, so I will say two names, Lance Storm because he trained me and I would like to show him what I can do now and in this case I hope he will be proud of my work, and Joe E Legend because he’s one of the nicest guy I ‘ve ever met in this industry, always giving me good advices. It will be an honor to work with both of them (but there is a lot of names I could mention

And when you look at your time in Wrestling what was your personal highlight inside the ring?

It wasn’t “in” a ring, I was at a celtic harp concert here in paris with a friend of mine, and at the end, a guy stopped me and asked me “ Are you Dead Angel? I saw you a few years ago, it was cool, where are you wrestle now?”, it was really magic.

What countries would you like to visit in your wrestlingtime? Germany? Japan? USA?

Germany of course, there is a great history with wrestling in your country, a lot of good wrestlers used to work in Germany and you have a lot of good wrestlers too . Also, Japan, USA, and Mexico, all differents, but all interesting.

Where do you wrestle now?

In France and hope in more countries in the future, maybe in Belgium soon

And what do the man behind the Dead Angel when you not stand in the ring?

For the majors lines I am a student at the University and I try to train the most I can, but for the rest, I’m really Dead Angel, I’m a living paradox I also can party during a complete week, go to bed at 6 or 7 am, wake up at 4 or 5 pm, working out, and go to party again. Or I also can stay quiet at home , playing harp during hours and cooking for my friends.


At the last something to say to your fans ?

My fans? I don’t think I have fans in Germany lol, but for wrestling fans yeah. Continue to support wrestling, go to see a show when you have the occasion, don’t try this at home, and if you meet me on a show, you’re more than welcome to pay me a beer ;)

Perhaps after the interview ;-) Nobody knows :-)

Thank you being my guest and i hope we see you sometimes in a german ring.

Thank you for the interview
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Bernd Lorenz aka Tazzmaschine
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Admin + WJ ARMY General
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by Advertising » 23.10.2011, 08:16


Re: The Dead Angel Interview

Postby WWE Insider » 23.10.2011, 17:33

Very Nice Interview and with Mr Storm one of the best Coaches in Canada.
Wrestling Insider ( WWE , TNA, RoH, CHIKARA, NWA )
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Re: The Dead Angel Interview

Postby EasyE81 » 23.10.2011, 18:25

Nice guy. And very interesting to know that he was trained by Lance Storm.
Really good interview :)
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WJ ARMY 1st Lt.
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Re: The Dead Angel Interview

Postby BIG » 24.10.2011, 17:53

Good Interview.

Thank you DA
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Re: The Dead Angel Interview

Postby BIG » 24.10.2011, 17:56

By the way: Who is the Women on the Photo with the Dead Angel?
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Re: The Dead Angel Interview

Postby Desmond Wolfe » 05.11.2011, 16:53

Desmond Wolfe
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