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Postby Apwa Pro-Wrestling » 17.02.2011, 20:15

THIS SATURDAY IS THE FIRST ROUND OF THE KING OF AFRICA TOURNAMENT @ President Square, Krugersdorp 12pm-1pm! Entry is totally free - this is a show you do not want to miss as the King of Africa will be the SA wrestling showcase of the year. Information below:


Date: Saturday 19 February

Time: 12pm-1pm

Venue: President Square, President Hyper, Krugersdorp

Map Directions: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=Pre ... ePresident Square Website: http://www.presidentsquare.co.za/Contact: Kobus at 082 269 8325 or ananzi@telkomsa.net

Event Information: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=181323315237957

King of Africa Teaser Video: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php ... 8106684111

Promo Posters:
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... 0067708138
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... 138&ref=nf
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... 0067708138

Other King of Africa Dates: 19 March, 16 April, 21 May

APWA Press was granted permission to track the progress of the King of Africa tournament combatants leading up to this Saturday. Below is a milestone of their latest actions, situations and characteristics:

- Recently made a controversial statement that he already is the King of Africa.
- Major advantage is being the power-holder in APWA.
- Has a deadly ally in Ryan Cage.
- Has enemies in Xterminator, Johnny "Iceman" Sabin and Jason Steele.
- Unpredictable.
- Reputation speaks for itself.
- Prepared to abuse power.

Jason Steele:
- Wants revenge on Ryan Cage and Ananzi.
- Warned them that they don't know what they're dealing with.
- Has a likely temporary ally in Xterminator.
- Recently set a weightlifting record.
- Arguably strongest man in tournament.
- Ready to unleash domination.
- Smarter than he appears.
- Odds are against him.

Joe Dozer:
- The APWA Champion.
- Long-running win streak.
- Equipped with astounding strength.
- Silent killer lives to decimate.
- Has been training in the gym harder than ever with camp Team Nigeria.
- Promising his opponents 5 minutes of hell.
- Major knockout power.
- Considered one of the likely winners.

Johnny "Iceman" Sabin:
- Allegedly formulating a plan to return the favour to his many enemies.
- Not only aiming for King of Africa, but eyeing the All-Africa Title on 25 Feb.
- Insulted Xterminator by calling him a "brainless fool that shouldn't be in the ring with adults".
- Lone wolf.
- Former power-mongerer is frustrated with the world.
- Bears great agility for size.
- Has an arsenal of innovative moves that can be executed anywhere.
- Considers himself overlooked.

Ryan Cage:
- Confident that he will win the tournament.
- Carefree, reckless and extremely dangerous machine.
- Alliance with Ananzi puts him in a favourable position.
- Former All-Africa Heavyweight Champion.
- Wildest brawler in African wrestling.
- Also has submission skills with powerful chokeout capability.
- Throws around heavy adversaries like ragdolls.
- Warning opponents that they won't be able to take the heat.

- Menacing enigma has a lot to gain in winning this tournament.
- Heart of darkness was recently illuminated by fan appreciation.
- Array of martial arts strikes and submissions are imposing.
- Out for blood and wants to make an impact.
- Promising to introduce new deadly moves.
- Youngest KoA participant at only 22.
- Will be facing tough competition, but has the ability to prevail through hardships.

- The WWP All-Africa Heavyweight Champion.
- West Rand hero.
- Exorbitantly strong and precise.
- Intends to dish out pain to Johnny Sabin and Ananzi.
- Defending All-Africa Title six days later against Sabin.
- Lethal assortment of finishing moves.
- Adapts to any opponent in any scenario.
- Largest competitor in tournament.
- Believes in honour, respect and fairness in pro wrestling.
- Predicted as the winner by fans.

The mystery opponent has yet to be officially announced but as the teaser video has alluded, it could very well be "The French Monster" Terri Middoux, who could be entering the tournament with an edge in being the APWA Tag Team Champion and having a boost in morale. Rumours have also surfaced that Tornado, who will be teaming with Jason Steele 6 days later to take on Ananzi and Ryan Cage, is the mystery opponent. Whoever it is, King of Africa Round 1 will undoubtedly begin with a bang.
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